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Barbadians wanted to work abroad in Canada’s meat-cutting industry

A butcher hands prepared meat to a customer.

Barbados citizens 18 and over with relevant experience, a passport and clean police record encouraged to apply 

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — More Barbadians are being given the opportunity to work abroad as the government is again actively seeking to send experienced workers off to Canada to work in the meat-cutting industry.

Following an initial bout of applicants in mid-October, the government has once more opened the floodgates with a public call for anyone with relevant experience who is interested in working abroad in the Great White North to submit their applications as soon as possible.

A statement on the openings noted that “Barbadians interested in working in Canada’s meat-cutting Industry now have a number of job opportunities available to them”.

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“Here’s an opportunity to work in the meat-cutting industry in Canada,” the statement read. “If you have experience in the slaughtering of livestock and primal cutting, send your résumé to the Barbados Employment and Career Counselling Service by emailing before Friday, November 12, with ‘Industrial Meat Cutter’ in the subject area.

“You must be over 18 years, have secondary school education and at least two years’ experience in butcher/meat-cutting skills, gained over the last five years.

“Make sure you have a valid Barbados passport, the ability to get an unblemished Police Certificate of Character and you must be free of any infractions outside the jurisdiction of Barbados.

“Previous experience working in an industrial or manufacturing plant would be an asset.”

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    Additionally, the Barbados Employment and Career Counselling Service is offering to assist anyone who wants to apply but needs help with preparing their résumé and putting their best foot forward for the opportunity to work abroad.


    Barbadians working abroad

    This is not the first instance of skilled Barbadians being selected to work abroad this year, as not even two months ago 20 natives were hired to work in the United States as part of a Farm Labour Programme.

    In that initial cohort, eight Barbadians were sent off to work on a New York vineyard for three months as of January 2022, while the remaining 12 will work in a West Virginia greenhouse for four months come February 2022. At the time, a representative of the organizers said they intend to repeat the programme annually.

    This continuing trend seemingly lends credence to comments made by Barbados Chief Labour Officer Claudette Hope-Greenidge, who opined last month in an exclusive interview with Caribbean Employment that the nation could be seeing increasingly high demand for workers with higher skill levels.

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