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Barbados to train more construction workers ahead of anticipated ‘building boom’

Barbados trains more construction workers to join the industry

The Barbados Construction Gateway Training Initiative was launched on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, with the aim to produce more construction workers ahead of an expected “building boom” in the months to come.

BCC Principal Alleyne encourages more young women to join construction industry 

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — In an effort to increase the number of local construction workers ahead of an anticipated boom in the industry, several training institutions have partnered with the government to launch the Barbados Construction Gateway Training Initiative.

Construction workers. (Photo: iStock)

The programme, which was launched just yesterday, aims to shore up the construction industry while also strengthening the overall workforce of the nation.

A statement from the government providing further details noted, “With the anticipation of a building boom in a few months’ time, the government of Barbados will be continuing its efforts to upskill the population, train artisans and ensure a new core of male and female workers are available to fill various positions in the construction industry.

“The boom, expected with the start of multiple public and private sector-driven projects, will see the education ministry beginning the process of upskilling and training persons from next month…to ensure young Barbadian males and females are appropriately trained to become part of the Barbados Construction Gateway Project and the workforce in general.”

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    Women workers wanted 

    Barbados Community College Principal Annette Alleyne encouraged all Barbadians, but especially women, to apply for the Barbados Construction Gateway Training Initiative.

    Annette Alleyne, principal of Barbados Community College — one of the institutions involved in the programme — encouraged “all Barbadians” to apply.

    However, she particularly emphasized the need for more Barbadian women to become construction workers.

    “For the majority of the programmes at BCC relating to the construction industry,” she said, “I must say there are mainly male applicants…

    “I want to be clear — we are encouraging the men and the boys to come out and apply in numbers.

    “But I am also sending out an appeal for women and girls. This opportunity is also for you.”


    Gateway to a stronger workforce 

    Technical and Vocational Education and Training Council Executive Director Henderson Eastmond lauded the launch of the Barbados Construction Gateway Training Initiative.

    Henderson Eastmond, executive director of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council — another institution involved in the programme — lauded the launch of the Barbados Construction Gateway Training Initiative.

    However, he also spoke to the benefits it will have on Barbados as a whole, asserting training programmes like this are “key to a world-class workforce”.

    “A competent and competitive workforce forms the foundation of a strong economy, and we at the TVET Council have a vision for this country,” he said.

    “We want to see a strong economy diversified, moving towards self-sufficiency and then to exports.

    “That cannot happen without a highly-trained, technical workforce…”

    Eastmond added, “Lifelong learning and continuing professional development are very important to practitioners in the various jobs, occupations and careers in the construction industry.”

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