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Foreign employers increasingly seeking to hire Caribbean workers

An increasing number of international employers are recruiting Caribbean natives to live and work abroad.

Canadian employer actively recruiting St. Lucians to work as meat cutters

CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA — An increasing number of international employers are seeking Caribbean natives to live and work abroad.

This comes as some industries in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada face labour shortages amid the Great Resignation.

However, it is not unheard of for Caribbean nationals to be recruited to live and work abroad.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. works with regional and international employers seeking to hire people from the Caribbean.

Many of the region’s nations have had international agreements with governments or other organizations to facilitate Caribbean workers.

It should also be no surprise given that Caribbean immigrant or temporary workers are frequently regarded as among the most high-quality and hardworking.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc., one of the leading online talent acquisition services in the region, has been one such organization that partners with regional and international employers seeking to recruit Caribbean workers.

We aim to connect hiring managers and HR professionals with the highest caliber of Caribbean talent, and also to connect Caribbean jobseekers with their dream job.

As such, we have had and continue to have several similar positions open for highly skilled Caribbean workers looking to take advantage of job opportunities abroad.

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    St. Lucians wanted to work in Canada

    A Canadian employer is recruiting St. Lucians for jobs in the meat-cutting industry.

    In one of the latest international recruitment drives, a Canadian employer is seeking to provide St. Lucians with job opportunities in the meat processing industry.

    Vermax Group has partnered with the government of St. Lucia for the initiative, and is calling for qualified applicants “who are desirous of gaining employment in Canada as industrial meat cutters”.

    A statement from the government specified that there are no restrictions on gender. However, it did not confirm how many positions are available.

    “Persons submitting applications must be between the ages of 25 and 45 years old, and must have at least 12 months’ experience in the meat or poultry processing industry,” the statement read.

    “Interested persons are asked to visit the offices of the Department of Labour located at Barnard Hill, Castries, and at Theodore Street, Vieux Fort, during working hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    “Please walk along with a copy of your resume.”


    Caribbean workers in high demand 

    Late last year, another Canadian employer was similarly seeking Barbadians to work as meat cutters.

    Additionally, this year, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. has worked with several employers in the United Kingdom who were specifically seeking Caribbean healthcare workers.

    We will continue to provide Caribbean workers with the best employment opportunities not just in the region but around the world.

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