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From hunting to hired: The Career Doc. is on a mission to get you employed

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Kristofferson Nunes, founder of The Career Doc.

For Career Doc. Founder Kristofferson Nunes, what began as a way to help friends get jobs in university has now become a full-scale career consulting and resume writing service

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Most jobseekers know what it’s like to send their resumes to employers day in and day out without ever getting a call back, let alone landing their desired job.

The Career Doc helps jobseekers prepare to get hired.

It’s a common issue that can leave jobseekers feeling discouraged and dejected. But Kristofferson Nunes is on a mission to change that trajectory through his business, The Career Doc.

“We offer not only resume revamps, but career consultations, cover letters, workshops and personal branding,” Nunes said. “We tailor everything for their career.”

While the company is based in Jamaica, it operates in a borderless capacity, having clients from all over the world.

It has also partnered with other businesses and organizations to create an ecosystem of jobseeker support, and that growth trajectory is only expected to increase in the future.

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    ‘Their resumes were horrible’

    Although the Career Doc. just celebrated its first year as a company last month, Nunes has been offering resume writing services for years.

    As a student in his final year of university, Nunes founded a youth marketing agency called UCA Caribbean.

    A happy Career Doc. client poses with Founder Kristofferson Nunes.

    “Here was the issue — it was really hard to place these students or colleagues or candidates in jobs when their resumes were horrible,” he said.

    “I realized that nobody taught them, and instead of complaining, we just offered it as a service and it became a whole enterprise by itself.”

    As a result, Nunes’ close friends soon began calling him “the career doctor” and the name stuck ever since.


    From zero to hired

    According to Nunes, The Career Doc.’s clients have gone from sending out resumes and never hearing back to getting job offers within days.

    “Over the Christmas, one of our clients didn't know which job offer to take, and this is from somebody who had been sending out her resume, not getting a call back, nobody batting an eye at her,” he said.

    “We did a consult, we did a whole revamp and tailored it based on what she wanted to approach, and then we curated lists of jobs we felt were ideal for her as well.”

    But his team doesn’t just work on making your resume better; they also help you identify creative opportunities to earn what Nunes called “hybrid income streams”.

    “For example, we have a client who’s a teacher. In the morning, she teaches, but with The Career Doc., she's selling her lesson plans to earn passive income.

    “We had that consultation call and figured out that she has a whole lot of resources.

    “I asked, ‘Have you ever tried to sell them online to other schools, like in South Korea, where people are hungry for English language content?’ and she [had] never thought about it.

    “So, yes, we're preparing you, but we're also looking on from a creative standpoint to see how we can stimulate income streams for you.”

    Visit The Career Doc. on his website or connect with him on social media:


    X/Twitter: @TheCareerDocx

    Instagram: @thecareerdocx

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