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Are you a Caribbean or international employer interested in sourcing top-quality talent from around the Caribbean region and the world? Or, maybe you're based in the Caribbean and want to focus on recruiting local professionals from within your own country? The key to finding talented applicants, regardless of the field you’re hiring in, is to find a job board that focuses on locating skilled professionals across multiple fields.

This is where we at Caribbean Employment Services Inc. come in.

At Caribbean Employment Services Inc., we are committed to connecting employers to competent professionals all across the Caribbean. Unlike many other Caribbean-focused job boards, we prioritize our applicant/employer relationships by providing a safe, secure, and reliable platform for both job postings and job applications. Applicants are attracted to our site because we offer not only access to job postings but also weekly advice on both employment and academics.

Are you ready to take your recruiting and employment resources to the next level? Advertise your open positions with Caribbean Employment Services Inc. to find the best and brightest that the Caribbean (and the world) has to offer.

Great for both local and international applicants

local and international applicants
When advertising a job in the Caribbean, it’s important to understand that some applicants may be applying from outside of the region. Many people are interested in relocating to the Caribbean to take advantage of the warm weather, delicious food, unmatched hospitality, and vibrant atmosphere that the islands possess. That, combined with a lower cost of living, often make jobs in the Caribbean extremely attractive to those living abroad.

And, if you’re interested in hiring local or regional professionals, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. still has you covered. We make it easy for those already within the Caribbean to find and apply for jobs in their field of experience - quickly and easily. With thousands of potential applicants flooding to our site each day, you are sure to readily find the perfect candidate.

But, not every job posting will automatically appeal to the quality of applicants that you want for your company. So, how can you, as an employer more easily attract the right candidates to your job postings?

advice to employers

Our advice to employers

Here are a few of the key tips and tricks to ensure that you attract the calibre of candidates that you are looking for:

Make sure the posting is easy to understand

The most important aspect of your job posting is that it is easy to read and understand. Do your best to ensure that the text doesn’t have any typos and is grammatically correct and is not too wordy. You should include as much relevant information as possible, but unnecessarily long job postings are often not appealing to an applicant.

Include an overview of the company

Briefly detail your company’s mission, values, and vision to better help the applicant understand your company. Do you value flexibility and the ability for staff to work from home or in a hybrid-working model? What aspects of your company’s policy and culture are most important for a potential candidate to know? This section doesn’t need to be more than a paragraph or two and, if you’d like to provide more comprehensive information, you can insert a link to your company’s website.

Provide a position overview/breakdown

The position overview is essential to the job positing because it details the foundation of the position. Here, you should provide the applicants with background information on who the person in the open position reports to, what the main goal/objective for this position is, and whether or not the role is new or established.

Summarize the type of candidate ideal for the position

What characteristics are you looking for in the ideal candidate? If there are traits that you or your company value in an employee in this role, this is where you can detail these expectations. Does your company “work hard and play hard”? Do you require the candidate to be self-driven and able to work without direction? Or, maybe, your company is looking for candidates that are passionate in a specific area or about a certain subject matter. Use this section to describe your ideal candidate’s personality or character traits.

List the position’s responsibilities and requirements

Use a bullet-point structure to list out the responsibilities of the role and the candidate requirements. These two sections of information can be separated for easier reading and understanding. The first section, the responsibilities, should detail a simplified version of the description of tasks for the role. The requirements section is reserved for the essential or mandatory criteria for the applicant.

Will the position require the candidate to attend meetings with management, train staff, or create new SOPs? Do you require that the candidate have a certain amount of years of experience? Does the person need to be able to work a 12-hour shift or lift heavy equipment? Separate the responsibilities from the requirements and list them as concisely as possible.

Provide additional information (as required)

If there is any other relevant information, such as visa or vaccination requirements, you can include this at the end of the job posting. This section can also be used to list out contact information such as the name and email of the person in charge of hiring for the role.

Why Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is your best option for hiring

best option for hiring

At Caribbean Employment Services Inc., we are employment specialists offering a range of, recruitment, and staffing solutions - no matter what industry you’re in. Whether the position is full-time, part-time, temporary, or remote, we’ll work with you to achieve the very best candidate outcomes with minimum hassle.

We know that finding the perfect person for the job is not always easy. This is especially true if you aren’t based in the Caribbean or are looking outside of your country for potential applicants. When you advertise a job with us, you can trust that your ideal candidate will have access to your job posting in a safe and convenient location. Our dedicated team uses the latest, cutting-edge search technology and best practices to match you with the candidates that are the most well-suited to your posted position.

Once you’ve posted your job, applicants can apply directly from within the platform. You can then, within the platform, review these applicants and contact the shortlisted applicants. Applicants have to create a profile to apply, so you’ll be able to view their employment history and education and even access links to their portfolio, LinkedIn, or website, where applicable.

Whether you’re a local employer already in the Caribbean or you’re an international client looking to recruit staff in any Caribbean country, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is here to help. We understand the challenges you may face when trying to recruit talented professionals in the Caribbean and are committed to helping you find the right person for the job - each and every time.

Ready to advertise a job in the Caribbean?

Ready to advertise a job
It’s easy to get started! Simply create an account with us to start your recruitment journey or speak to a member of our team for further advice and support. Drop us an email hello@caribbeanemployment.com to talk to a competent member of our team.