Caribbean workplaces reminded of all workers’ value during Pride Month

As countries around the world begin to celebrate Pride Month during the month of June, Caribbean employers are being encouraged to be more tolerant in the workplace, and to remember the individual value of all employees.

“Especially now, employers should be mindful about being respectful and tolerant of all employees, regardless of our many differences,” says Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO.

Caribbean work

Many LGBT Caribbean workers face discrimination and even violence. (Canva photo)

The message bears reminding as many LGBTQ+ people in the Caribbean face widespread discrimination in all aspects of their lives — be it on the job, at places of worship or within the wider community.

Many countries still have laws against homosexuality, and queer communities can face severe violence.

In a 2023 report, for instance, the United States government reported on outright queer discrimination in The Bahamas.

“Societal discrimination existed against members of the LGBTQI+ community, with some persons reporting job and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation,” the report confirmed.

“NGOs reported LGBTQI+ individuals faced social stigma and discrimination, and did not believe they were adequately protected by authorities… Homophobic epithets were common and socially acceptable.”

However, times are changing, and by being more tolerant, companies can encourage a more fair, just and peaceful working environment and society for everyone.

Boll noted that companies don’t have to engage in Pride Month celebrations, but said practicing tolerance and remembering that every employee has value can go a long way for inclusivity.

“Even if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you can make an effort to make them feel welcome and foster an inclusive work environment,” Boll says. “Remember that we are all human, and they need to feel supported by their managers, their colleagues, upper management, just like everyone else.”

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    Diversity is strength

    Caribbean work

    Diversity and co-existing strengthens teams. (Photo by fauxels on Pexels)

    Over in Jamaica, Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU) President St Patrice Ennis emphasized the importance of embracing diversity in the workforce and the many benefits it can have.

    His comments were not made about LGTBQI+ members of society in particular but rather said in observance of Workers’ Week 2024 as he encouraged employers to value employees and treat them as “legitimate partners.”

    Nonetheless, Eninis’ same ideals can apply in this scenario as well, as a reminder of why co-existing is not only ethically sound but also economically advantageous in the workplace.

    “By leveraging the skills of every employee…, we create a workforce that is more innovative, efficient and competitive,” he said.

    “Workforces that embrace inclusivity have happier employees, lower turnover rates and increased productivity.”

    He added, “Educational institutions must equip students with skills to thrive in an inclusive workforce. We must advocate for the rights and inclusion of every worker, recognizing that our diversity is our strength.”

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