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PM Mottley says Barbados government is committed to skills training initiatives for its citizens

PM Mottley notes training does not include degrees alone but encompasses skills development in non-traditional fields as well  BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — Prime Minister Mia Mottley said on Thursday that the government is committed to any initiative that will help Barbadians gain the skills to become gainfully employed, granted it can afford to do so. She…
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Barbados govt. to review labour market as nation moves towards post-pandemic reality

PM Mottley says Barbados projected to have a smaller workforce within 13 years if no remedial action taken  BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — The government will have to undertake a “serious review” of its labour market to identify any shortages and take appropriate action, said Prime Minister Mia Mottley during a Prime Ministerial Global Town Hall Meeting…
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Prime Minister Mottley calls for Barbados diaspora to ‘come home’ to join workforce

“We believe that those opportunities are there and we want to encourage you, come on home. Come on home.” – Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — Noting the nation’s urgent need to restore what she claimed is a dwindling workforce, Prime Minister Mia Mottley on Thursday called for Barbados’ skilled diaspora to “come…
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Barbadians wanted to work abroad in Canada’s meat-cutting industry

Barbados citizens 18 and over with relevant experience, a passport and clean police record encouraged to apply  BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — More Barbadians are being given the opportunity to work abroad as the government is again actively seeking to send experienced workers off to Canada to work in the meat-cutting industry. Following an initial bout of…
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