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Youth, jobseekers urged to consider careers in agriculture

Jobseekers, youth reminded that agriculture is more than working in a field BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — A regional non-profit wants to encourage more Caribbean jobseekers, and especially young people, to pursue jobs in agriculture. The Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) made the appeal recently while speaking to media organization Barbados Today. According to a CYEN survey…
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Why Caribbean jobs should hire more women

IDB report finds businesses with more women workers had better productivity and innovation BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — It has long been a general belief that women in Caribbean jobs perform better than their male counterparts, but a new report from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is confirming its truth to a certain extent. The report compared…
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Could AI replace jobs in the Caribbean?

The exciting prospects of AI advancement cast a grim shadow on the future of formal jobs in the Caribbean & Latin America BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially result in fewer formal jobs in the Caribbean, which in turn could cause job informality to skyrocket and leave thousands of people…
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World Bank touts green economy job opportunities in the Caribbean

Caribbean’s “competitive advantage” can make it a global leader in renewable energy, green economy BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — The World Bank is touting the “unprecedented potential” for green economy jobs in the Caribbean and Latin America as it urges the region’s leaders to take action to maximize the potential. In a new report, the group emphasized…
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