Supporting a Sustainable Approach to Business in the Caribbean

As a business based in the Caribbean, we're very supportive of the focus that Governments, organisations and companies in the Islands are placing on sustainability and its importance to their future.
We're fortunate to be based in Barbados, which is leading the way in its approach to sustainable tourism and the initiatives it has in place.
As one of the market-leading recruitment advertising companies, we specialise in helping businesses and organisations recruit the best candidates for their roles and job seekers find their ideal position.
The hospitality and tourism industries are taking a proactive approach to sustainability and we're proud to work with a number of businesses, including some of the leading hotel groups, who are committed to reducing their impact on the environment and protect our beautiful Islands and those who live, work and visit them.
Increasingly, the businesses we work with understand the importance of sustainability in protecting our stunning Islands; its contribution to preserving our ecosystem, improving the quality of our lives and safeguarding natural resources for future generations.  
We’re very keen to work with businesses and organisations that recognise the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability, both in the Caribbean and globally, and have strategies and initiatives in place to significantly contribute to this.
Through our Recruitment Partner Programme, we help our clients communicate their commitment to sustainability, the community programmes they’re running, initiatives they’ve launched and their contribution to the Islands, ensuring a clear and consistent message that attracts the best talent and reaches a wider audience who share the same ethos and ambitions.
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