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Jamaican-American exec. spreads awareness about work abroad opportunities

“There’s always opportunity in America and Canada.” - Kerry Ann Edwards, General Manager, KERG Consulting, LLC Most working people in the Caribbean are not aware of the vast range of work abroad opportunities available to them, according to a Jamaican-American entrepreneur and business executive Kerry Ann Edwards. [caption id="attachment_7404" align="alignright" width="233"] Kerry Ann Edwards, General…
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Guyana aims to reach diaspora through job fair

The government of Guyana is preparing to host a job fair in New York specifically to draw in members of the diaspora and encourage them to take up jobs in Guyana, thereby addressing a crucial skills gap. Guyanese Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud announced the initiative during an interview with the Department of Public Information, the…
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Navigating remote work in the Caribbean

Successfully working from home in the Caribbean can seem daunting, and many don’t consider it a possibility at all. This is why resources to help support remote workers who live and work in the Caribbean specifically can be hard to find. As an organization that aims to help support jobseekers by providing resources and information,…
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Most MSMEs in the Dominican Republic are informal

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC — Results from the National Survey of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have found that the overwhelming majority of MSMEs in the Dominican Republic are in the informal sector. [caption id="attachment_7374" align="alignright" width="439"] MSMEs drive economic growth in the Caribbean. (Photo by RF Studio on Pexels)[/caption] This can pose a…
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