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More part-time jobs in Guyana opened thanks to govt. employment initiative

With addition of 3,000 more part-time jobs in Guyana, Ali administration would have now introduced some 9,000 jobs for residents  GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — In a continuation of its mission to create thousands of jobs in Guyana, the Ali administration has now rolled out its part-time work initiative to Region Three and Region Five. Over the…
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Bermuda government reveals plan to ensure youth have access to jobs

Govt. launches nine-goal plan to create secure pathways to employment for citizens aged 18-26  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — The government of Bermuda has revealed an ambitious plan to ensure its youth have access to jobs in its National Youth Employment Strategy. The plan includes nine goals designed to ensure young Bermudians are not only employable but…
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Over 100 apprentices being trained for manufacturing jobs in Trinidad

Minister Morris-Julian says apprenticeship programme will address labour shortage in Trinidad’s manufacturing sector  PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO — More than 100 young Trinbagonians are officially being trained to accept manufacturing jobs through a new programme beginning just this month. Under the Manufacturing Apprenticeship Programme, 100 of the nation’s youth will spend the next…
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Cruise industry rebound promises thousands of jobs for Jamaicans

With the cruise industry getting back into full swing comes thousands of jobs in the Caribbean  MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA — In an enormous recruitment drive, some 10,000 jobs are being offered to Jamaicans who want to enter the cruise industry. [caption id="attachment_4864" align="alignright" width="258"] Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett (center) has lauded the cruise industry's…
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