Teachers encouraged to use govt portal to find jobs in Jamaica

Online job bank exclusively for Jamaican teachers was launched in Q3

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — The government is encouraging teachers and jobseekers seeking to launch careers in education to use its new online job bank to find teaching jobs in Jamaica.

Jamaica Minister of Education Fayval Williams. (Photo: Jamaica Information Service)

The portal was officially launched last September. It is meant to act as a hub for public sector job vacancies in education, allowing the Jamaican Ministry of Education and Youth as well as individual schools to post job openings as they arise.

The government has not released data on how many educators or potential candidates have successfully accessed and utlized the platform since its launch.

However, Minister of Education, Youth and Information Fayval Williams recently urged more people to take advantage of this new resource.

“We know the search process sometimes takes a while for you to find a school that needs your subject area if you are a specialist, or to come in contact with that primary school that will need you,” she said.

“We made it easier, and we would love for you to register and upload your resume onto the job platform, so our principals and school boards all across Jamaica will have access to that information and make your placement and search process easier.”

Prior to the platform’s launch, Jamaica had been struggling with its complement of teachers in the workforce.

Government officials acknowledged some instances of talented teachers accepting positions abroad or otherwise leaving the education system altogether.

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    More online resources needed for jobs in the Caribbean

    Minister Williams’ comments come on the heels of the World Bank calling for more reliable labour intermediation services in the Caribbean region in general.

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    In a 2023 Regional Private Sector Diagnostic, the World Bank expressed concern about high levels of informal employment and potential long-term unemployment in the region.

    The group specifically called out a lack of sufficient services to connect jobseekers with available jobs in the Caribbean.

    It noted initiatives by governments to address this, such as through skills training or trade programmes. But, it also noted that data about the effectiveness of such programmes has been limited.

    Several governing bodies in the region have introduced online job boards for the public sector. However, it is not clear how effective these have been.

    Officials and business leaders continue encouraging jobseekers to utilize all of the various resources available to them both in-person and online to achieve gainful employment that will enable them to provide for their families.

    The Jamaican Ministry of Education and Youth’s online job platform for public education jobs can be accessed via the following link: https://jobs.moey.gov.jm/

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