Jamaica ramps up efforts to recruit teachers

New virtual platform aims to connect schools and teachers seeking job opportunities

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Jobseekers in Jamaica who are looking for opportunities to start careers in education, or seasoned professionals in search of new opportunities, can now benefit from an additional resource to help in their search.

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The platform will be exclusively for careers in education.

At some point this year, the Ministry of Education is set to launch a virtual job search and recruitment platform exclusively for employers and jobseekers in the education sector.

It will be similar to the platform provided by Caribbean Employment Services Inc., but only for careers in education.

Whether that means only teaching positions or also jobs in administration, assistants, custodial staff and others remains to be seen once the platform launches.

However, it is a welcome development for:

  • Modernizing and improving the recruitment and hiring process in Jamaica
  • Making the process more transparent and fair
  • Strengthening the local talent pool and labour market

It also comes as the percentage of resignations from teachers in Jamaica has dropped significantly.

Last year, teacher resignations posed a significant challenge, with increased concern that Jamaican teachers may have been migrating abroad en masse.

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    Better talent acquisition needed

    According to Minister of Education, Youth and Information Fayval Williams, the motive behind launching the platform was to “make for more efficient meetings [between] those in need of jobs and those looking for jobs.”

    “Both schools and teachers looking for positions can meet each other in the virtual space…meaning you can upload your resume to the job recruitment platform and jobs can be advertised there as well,” she said.

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    The World Bank has called for improved labour intermediation throughout the Caribbean.

    The minister did not indicate exactly when the new platform will be launched.

    However, it comes as the World Bank recently lamented a lack of sufficient talent acquisition and recruitment services in some Caribbean nations.

    In a recently published diagnostic report, the World Bank focused on shared labour and economic challenges of 12 Caribbean countries.

    While Jamaica was not included on that list, the World Bank nonetheless found that the Caribbean region as a whole “still lacks well-established labour intermediation services to link jobseekers with employment opportunities in the private sector.”

    Caribbean Employment Services Inc. has been working to provide recruitment, job placement and job search services to benefit jobseekers and employers throughout the region.

    Several government agencies, such as in Bermuda, The Bahamas and more, have also launched job search platforms to address this and Jamaica’s new addition is certainly expected to assist as well.

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