New platform launched for tourism jobs in Jamaica

Database of certified Jamaicans to help connect jobseekers with employers

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — More residents can expect to be hired for high-level tourism jobs in Jamaica as the government has launched a new online platform that will connect higher-skilled jobseekers with employers, similarly to the way Caribbean Employment Services Inc.'s does.

The Database of Certified Individuals was officially launched at the end of October, with a view to show employers a database of skilled Jamaican workers.

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Jamaicans with certifications can log into the database to register.

According to the government, Jamaicans with hospitality and tourism certifications will be able to log in and register their credentials.

Tourism and hospitality businesses, particularly major hotels but also other similar employers, will then be able to access the database when seeking qualified candidates to fill open roles.

Further, a tourism official stressed that the platform is open to other certifications that may be transferable to a tourism or hospitality role.

“If you have any kind of certification that is transferable, we are prepared to accommodate you,” the official noted.

The platform can be accessed via

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    More jobs for Jamaicans over foreign workers

    This new platform comes after years of controversy over foreign workers being hired to take up high-earning positions in hotels.

    Not just in Jamaica but throughout the Caribbean, there has often been contention surrounding this issue, as many believe local workers are qualified to fill jobs being given to expatriate workers.

    jobs in Jamaica

    The new initiative aims to ensure Jamaicans will be hired for high-earning tourism positions.

    But the government of Jamaica intends to address this challenge through its new Database of Certified Individuals.

    Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett remarked on this, noting, “This is critical because you know that, from time to time, we hear complaints that Jamaicans are not being considered enough for senior positions within the tourism sector.

    “Now, there can be no arguments if the stackable credentials are there — skillsets and personnel.”

    He asserted that qualified Jamaicans will then “be employed on the basis of your merits, qualifications and experience.”

    Additionally, Minister Bartlett said even Jamaicans who receive certification outside of the country will be able to register.

    “You may be trained overseas or coming back…,” he said.

    “Come and let us register you in the database so that it can be easy for you to have your skills utilized in the tourism industry.”

    The government also noted that this new platform will be used to inform government policies on work permits for foreign workers in the future.

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