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Bermuda labour minister speaks to need to balance local labour force and foreign workers

Hayward, Caymanian Myles encourage hiring local workers as a priority, upskilling labour force  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — Achieving a balance between immigration and the local labour force is a major challenge for Bermuda, according to Minister of Labour Jason Hayward. “As it pertains to our challenges, it’s ensuring that we have that appropriate balance — that…
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New graduates face ‘roadblocks’ to employment when returning home to the Caribbean

Bermuda minister, Cayman political aspirant urge local businesses to provide new graduates with relevant experience for gainful employment  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — Speaking to challenges of immigration and the labour market during a recent Territories Talk panel, Bermuda Minister of Labour Jason Hayward said new graduates who studied abroad and returned home are facing a “roadblock”…
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Cayman hotelier notes challenge in hiring local hospitality workers; getting former employees to return

Michael Tibbetts says trying to remobilize hospitality industry “quite a challenge” as Cayman reopens to tourists  GEORGE TOWN, CAYMAN ISLANDS — As the nation officially reopened to travelers this month, Michael Tibbetts of Cleary Cayman Resorts described his challenge in hiring local Caymanian hospitality workers, as well as getting others who had previously worked in…
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Additional 29 healthcare workers hired ahead of Cayman Islands tourism reopening

Premier Panton notes strengthened investments to shore up public health and facilitate a safe reopening of the tourism industry  GEORGE TOWN, CAYMAN ISLANDS — The newly announced restart of tourism in the Cayman Islands is already having a ripple effect in the economy as 29 new employees have been engaged in the healthcare sector to…
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