Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is helping businesses struggling to hire — for free

For a limited time, Caribbean businesses can post their job vacancy and tap into a leading recruitment firm’s wide pool of top candidates free of charge

Caribbean employers that have been struggling to find the right human capital to fit their business needs could be in for the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for as a leading recruitment firm is offering some of its services free of charge for a limited time.

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Caribbean Employment Services Inc. has connected thousands of jobseekers with employers in the region and abroad. (Photo by Alex Green on Pexels)

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is a market-leading digital talent acquisition firm that helps to connect the region’s top talent with high-quality employers in their home country, throughout the Caribbean or abroad.

Its clients have included small and medium-sized businesses in the region; notable Caribbean employers like Sandals Resorts, Caribbean Airlines and others; government agencies in several countries; and foreign employers like the UK’s NHS Professionals, among others.

Through its innovative website, Caribbean jobseekers can easily search and apply for job opportunities within their skillset and area of interest/expertise.

They can even sign up for email notifications to become the first to know when an opportunity becomes available, helping them to increase their chances of landing their dream job.

Now, the firm is looking to help employers who want to hire the best talent in the Caribbean but who may be having a hard time.

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    Focusing the attention on Caribbean employers

    Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO, says, “We’ve had many initiatives that focused on jobseekers.

    Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO.

    “We offer most services to them for free, and we also had a partnership with Study Options that helped young Caribbean people with applications to study abroad and get the skills needed to join the workforce.”

    Boll notes that the labour climate in many Caribbean countries is now rapidly changing as recovery from the worst of COVID-19 is fully underway.

    “Many Caribbean economies are recovering far more quickly than anyone expected, and that’s great news but it also comes with challenges as some businesses have to quickly hire when they weren’t expecting to so soon.”

    It has not been uncommon for Caribbean businesses to report struggling to hire enough skilled workers, but the issue is somewhat exacerbated at the moment in what some economists are calling a “tight labour market” in some countries.

    Countries like Jamaica, Bermuda and many others are reporting record-low unemployment while a boom in tourism means more job opportunities abound than there may be qualified jobseekers to fill.

    “We thought this might be a perfect opportunity to step in and help businesses meet their staffing needs while encouraging them to upgrade their recruitment process,” Boll says.


    Free opportunity for Caribbean jobs to upgrade their recruitment methods

    Caribbean Employment Services Inc. has been consistently calling attention to the often-antiquated methods of recruitment and job hunting in many Caribbean countries.

    Caribbean jobs

    Employers can post their first job ad for free, with complimentary support by a team of experts.

    Boll has repeatedly urged jobseekers and employers to adopt more modern methods instead of relying on radio ads or relationships with their government representative.

    “For Caribbean Employment, this is a great chance to help businesses and at the same time show them how much more effective a digital recruitment and hiring process can be,” says the CEO.

    As such, for a limited time only, businesses that are recruiting Caribbean talent will be able to post their first job ad through Caribbean Employment Services Inc. completely free of charge for 28 days.

    This offer also comes complete with all of the complimentary add-on support that comes with a full-service posting, meaning businesses have access to the firm’s suite of HR professionals and recruitment experts.

    “True to our mission, we’re doing our part to help the business community in the region, and especially MSMEs — which research shows usually account for the most employment,” says Boll.

    “We hope as many people hiring will take advantage of this promotion as possible, and we look forward to the many people who will soon find themselves hired as a result.”

    Interested employers can click here to claim this promotions and post their first free ad.

    Jobseekers can find the latest jobs in the Caribbean via Caribbean Employment Services Inc.

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