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Bermuda government reveals plan to ensure youth have access to jobs

Govt. launches nine-goal plan to create secure pathways to employment for citizens aged 18-26  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — The government of Bermuda has revealed an ambitious plan to ensure its youth have access to jobs in its National Youth Employment Strategy. The plan includes nine goals designed to ensure young Bermudians are not only employable but…
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Is the Caribbean moving towards a trend of raising the minimum wage?

Bermuda, Jamaica, Guyana, Anguilla, The Bahamas among Caribbean nations to either implement or suggest minimum wage changes to come  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — There could be a “minimum wage fever” on the horizon in the Caribbean region as, in just the past few months alone, several of the region’s governments have either suggested or outright stated…
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Bermuda employers urged to refrain from firing unvaccinated workers

Minister Hayward affirms govt. has not implemented mandatory vaccination; maintains “vaccination is a personal choice”  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — The government of Bermuda has discouraged private-sector employers from laying off employees who refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19, noting that mandatory vaccination has not been implemented on a national level. This comes as vaccine hesitancy remains…
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Students invited to apply for Bermuda Summer Employment Programme

Bermudian students have until Feb. 15 to sign up for opportunity to earn extra income while gaining work experience this summer  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — The application process has opened for Bermudian college and university students to apply for this year’s Summer Employment Programme, with the Department of Workforce Development eagerly inviting all eligible students to…
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