Bermuda puts nearly 200 youth on pathway to employment

Hundreds of young Bermudians were engaged through various summer employment programmes

HAMILTON, BERMUDA — Some 183 youth are firmly on a path to gainful employment after being engaged in the government’s Summer Employment and Summer Internship programmes for the past few months.

The programmes were introduced as a way to help prepare young Bermudians to enter the workforce, while also putting them in a position to smoothly transition into a specific workplace.

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Even more young Bermudians participated this year than last year.

This year’s participation marks a noted improvement, as 53 more young people were engaged than last year.

According to Bermudian Minister of Economy and Labour Jason Hayward, the programmes are part of the government’s five-stage Economic Development Policy — a targeted strategy that aims to improve labour in the country.

It is currently at the fifth stage of the process, meant to focus on the pillar of “People” with a series of initiatives set to be carried out between 2023 and 2027.

“Through the Department of Workforce Development, the ministry is committed to fostering a strong work ethic and promoting training and development opportunities for Bermudian students,” the minister said.

“Allowing our youth to gain work experience that matches their education and career interests is vital to their future success…

“Upon graduation, they will have already obtained work experience that is invaluable to individuals and employers.

“These and other initiatives align with the Department of Workforce Development's mission to develop a resilient workforce and support a sustainable and stable community.”

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    Pathways to jobs in Bermuda

    The success of both youth employment programmes comes as some talented, skilled young people not just in Bermuda but throughout the Caribbean have struggled to access employment opportunities after completing their studies.

    Both summer programmes will help young Bermudians get high-quality jobs in the future.

    This ongoing issue has frequently contributed to brain drain, as well as the kind of high numbers of skilled worker migration that has exacerbated a skills gap in the Caribbean labour market.

    Of the total figure, 103 held summer jobs through the Youth Summer Employment while the remaining 80 were interns at various businesses through the Youth Summer Internship programme.

    Young Bermudians who took part in the Youth Summer Employment programme walked away with 10 weeks of hands-on work experience in areas relevant to their career goals, a $600 weekly wage and a bonus $1,600 stipend.

    Meanwhile, summer interns were placed directly into workplaces where they can ideally transition directly into the labour force as soon as their studies are completed.

    Both programmes undoubtedly improved the employability of the 183 young people, while also helping to facilitate networking opportunities that could see them readily employed in the near future.

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