Bermuda government reveals plan to ensure youth have access to jobs

Govt. launches nine-goal plan to create secure pathways to employment for citizens aged 18-26 

HAMILTON, BERMUDA — The government of Bermuda has revealed an ambitious plan to ensure its youth have access to jobs in its National Youth Employment Strategy.

The plan includes nine goals designed to ensure young Bermudians are not only employable but also able to access and be hired for jobs.

Bermuda jobs youth employment plan

The government of Bermuda has launched an ambitious plan to ensure the nation's youth have a clear pathway to jobs.

The plan goes into great detail even about ensuring young workers are protected against discrimination.

Many Caribbean nations have struggled with youth brain drain and related unemployment where bright young minds study abroad then return to their hometowns to find no jobs available for them.

Considering this, Bermuda’s plan is commendable for its approach in getting to the root of the issue to address such problems and ensure jobs for its youth.

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    Getting young Bermudians ready for jobs 

    Bermuda Minister of Labour Jason Hayward.

    As he revealed the plan in the House of Assembly, Minister of Economy and Labour Jason Hayward emphasized that the government intends to address the needs of Bermuda’s youth through this comprehensive agenda.

    “The Youth Employment Strategy aims to address unemployment by facilitating greater opportunities and educational pathways for all young Bermudians between 18 to 26 years old,” he said.

    “The comprehensive strategy will ensure that our young people are prepared for the present and future world of work.”


    Nine goals for employment 

    Right off the bat, the first goal of the National Youth Employment Strategy is “to ensure that young Bermudians are suitably qualified and positioned to take advantage of job opportunities within the local labour market”.

    Bermuda jobs youth employment plan

    The National Youth Employment Strategy also seeks to encourage the Bermudian diaspora to return home to take up employment.

    The second goal is focused on better facilitating young people’s entry into the workplace, while the third encourages them to pursue jobs in STEAM to “meet the rapidly changing demands of our labour market”.

    Goal seven specifically aims to provide a steady pathway to jobs in Bermuda, while also increasing support for young people considered to be “vulnerable”.

    The fourth goal seeks to facilitate work experience through more apprenticeship, training and internship opportunities.

    Interestingly, the ninth goal then focuses directly on the Bermudian diaspora, touching on the issue of brain drain by encouraging young Bermudians to “return home to work, live and participate in the local economy”.

    Job goals five, six and eight are more about inner development, aiming to increase public awareness about career opportunities, nurture entrepreneurship and business ownership and develop “social and economic” potential respectively.

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    The government of Bermuda’s National Youth Employment Strategy

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