Bermuda Labour Ministry recaps employment progress amid tumultuous pandemic

Year-end report notes over 800 jobs secured for Bermudians last year, over 900 foreign workers contribute $23 mil. through remote worker programme 

HAMILTON, BERMUDA — Minister of Labour Jason Hayward said Bermuda has made significant strides on the employment front in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic and there will be even more to come this year, as he presented his ministry’s year-end review recently.

“It has been our mission to ensure that we work strategically and mindfully to address the needs of Bermuda,” Hayward said.

“As the minister of labour, I am proud of our advances thus far, and I remain inspired for what is to come.”

Bermuda Minister of Labour Jason Hayward.

The report covered several government policies implemented amid the pandemic, including extended social assistance for Bermudians who lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19; several initiatives designed to get laid-off employees back to work; and also the country’s notably successful programme for foreign remote workers to reside in Bermuda for up to one year.

“The ministry has progressed policies that strengthen the fundamental principles and rights in the workplace, enhance social protection and foster economic growth,” according to the report.

“In short, the ministry is focused on promoting jobs, protecting Bermudians and responding to the economy’s needs.”


Report details Bermuda’s labour improvements 

A magnifying glass scans over the words “jobs & careers” on a newspaper.

The report outlined that the Bermuda Ministry of Labour secured job opportunities for some 757 Bermudians last year through its job referral programme, as well as part-time or full-time employment for some 80 Bermudians who attended training seminars hosted by the ministry.

Additionally, it facilitated some 900 foreign workers living in the country through its remote work programme, generating over $23 million into the economy. Up to November 2021, 206 of those workers were still on island.

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    The report noted, “Throughout the past year, departments within this ministry have worked to improve social protections for persons facing economic hardship; establish sustainable frameworks which promote economic growth; implement provisions which kept families together; provide opportunities for jobseekers to achieve personal satisfaction; and preserve jobs and implement laws that support progress in the workplace.”

    Minister Hayward added, “I would like to thank all of the staff across the Department of Workforce Development, the Department of Financial Assistance and the Department of Immigration for their hard work and commitment to executing the initiatives prioritized this past year.

    “Collectively, we look forward to building on these successes in 2022 and beyond through the implementation of Bermuda's Economic Recovery Plan.”

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    The Ministry of Labour Year-End Review 2021 -

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