Call for applications: Bermudian paid internship

Live and work in the UK in this unique internship opportunity

HAMILTON, BERMUDA — New college graduates have around three weeks to put their best foot forward for the paid internship opportunity of a lifetime.

The government of Bermuda is looking to hire just two young Bermudians to be employed in its offices in London for the next year.

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Two new graduates will benefit from job experience, steady income and the chance to live abroad.

Candidates have until August 2 to submit their application and show why they should be hired for an employment opportunity that will provide:

  • Invaluable job experience
  • Professional training and development
  • A unique work-abroad opportunity
  • Steady income
  • A great feature to include on their resume

A statement announcing the internship read: “The Cabinet Office invites Bermudian graduates to apply for a paid one-year internship within the Government of Bermuda London Office.

“Successful applicants will gain invaluable experience in assisting on the Government’s portfolio in the UK and Europe…

“This paid internship is for two interns from October 2023 to September 2024, inclusive.

“The successful interns can expect to gain well-rounded international career exposure, with practical hands-on experience working alongside the government in its portfolio within the UK and EU.”

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    Hands-on experience

    This particular internship programme was first launched in 2016 by the Department of Workforce Development, which is dedicated to helping Bermudians secure gainful employment.

    Successful candidates will also receive a housing allowance and travel stipend. (Photo: Getty Images)

    The government noted that the programme’s aim was specifically to “provide Bermudian graduates residing in the UK with exposure to the UK and EU markets through government and private sector relations.”

    One of the biggest draws of this job opportunity for Bermudians, aside from the exciting prospect of living abroad for one year, is the fact that new graduates will gain hands-on job experience that will boost their employability.

    According to the government, the paid internship position will involve hands-on experience in:

    • Assisting Bermuda’s diaspora on matters relating to Consular Affairs
    • Engaging with other Overseas Territory governments, the UK government and Parliament;
    • Gaining exposure in the UK and EU market through government and private-sector relationships

    Plus, successful candidates will have a housing allowance and travel stipend on top of their income, as they will be “ required to live in London or the surrounding areas in London.”

    Candidates are only required to have valid Bermudian status, have a valid British Citizenship Passport and be a recent graduate of at least an undergraduate level.

    Interested candidates must apply by 7 p.m. Bermuda time on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, by visiting the government of Bermuda’s official website at

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