Bermuda unveils new labour strategy, with focus on immigration

Govt. plans to improve employability of citizens while leveraging strategic immigration

HAMILTON, BERMUDA — The government of Bermuda has officially unveiled a new strategy to improve labour in the country, with a view to increase employment opportunities and economic growth.

jobs in Bermuda

The strategy involves multiple phases with the ultimate aim of improving employment.

The Economic Development Strategy is a five-stage policy that was developed with this specific goal in mind.

It is currently at the fifth stage of the process, meant to focus on the pillar of “People” with a series of initiatives set to be carried out between 2023 and 2027.

According to Minister of Economy and Labour Jason Hayward, this final stage involves six key steps that should see the nation through to its goals.

As a priority, the steps involved center around boosting the employability of local workers on one hand and increasing immigration to compensate for an aging workforce on the other.

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    More jobs for Bermuda’s citizens

    Most of the initiatives laid out in the fifth stage of the Economic Development Strategy involve skills training and placement programmes to help locals secure jobs in Bermuda.

    Minister Hayward gave details about the plans.

    Plans aimed to ensure the local labour force is well-equipped and positioned to secure gainful employment include, among others:

    • A revamped Workforce Development system
    • A National Certification and Apprenticeship Board
    • Personal Employment Plans to identify specific market needs and address skills gaps
    • Specialized training for technology-based careers

    Further, the government said it will focus on creating direct pathways to employment for the nation’s youth.


    Facilitating immigration for jobs in Bermuda

    Alongside these initiatives, the government has committed to increasing the number of workers available to fill job openings.

    jobs in Bermuda

    Immigration can help address Bermuda's challenge with an aging workforce. (Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels)

    Bermuda’s aging workforce has presented a unique challenge as the country continues its path of economic growth.

    Immigration has been targeted as a way to address this, with Minister Hayward stating that “Bermuda must create an environment that allows immigrants to flourish in the workforce, invest in the economy and create jobs through entrepreneurship and business investment.”

    It’s not clear whether this suggests Bermuda might participate in CARICOM’s Single Market and Economy (CSME), which would allow the free movement of skilled workers between participating Member-States if implemented.

    Bermuda is not a formal member of CARICOM but rather an Associate Member.

    Additionally, CSME has yet to be fully implemented and not all Member-States have signed on, despite the many years it has been eagerly anticipated.

    Hayward said, “In addition to ensuring that every able-bodied Bermudian has an opportunity to participate in the workforce, the government will utilize immigration as one of its solutions to reverse the trend of Bermuda’s evolving demographic profile in order to improve the old-age dependency ratio and to spur further economic growth.”

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