Bermuda looking to hire firefighters and EMS technicians

Call for job applications open until March 1

HAMILTON, BERMUDA — Jobseekers looking for a heroic way to serve their country can consider joining the public sector as firefighters and/or emergency medical technicians as the government is actively recruiting for roles in this field.

The call for applications was originally set to end in a shorter period of time, but was just recently extended until March 1, giving potential candidates more time to put their best foot forward.

jobs in Bermuda

The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service is holding a recruitment drive until March 1, 2023.

Commenting on the recruitment drive, Bermudian Minister of National Security Michael Weeks said, “The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service (BF&RS) is currently looking to bolster the ranks of firefighters within the service with a new recruitment campaign.

“This is the latest campaign to recruit Bermudian firefighters.”

He added, “Service within the BF&RS is a challenging and rewarding career within the public service.

“There are ongoing training and opportunities within the service that make this an exciting career that is very active.”

The minister revealed that several BF&RS members are already benefitting from such opportunities as they receive professional training abroad, noting, “We currently have a batch of recruits training overseas in the UK, and the service wishes to hire the next group of women and men to begin training.”

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    Bermudian public called to step up to the challenge

    However, Minister Weeks did not shy away from acknowledging the critical service fighters provide to the public at large.

    jobs in Bermuda

    Potential candidates must meet several physical requirements to be successfully hired.

    Rather, he made a clarion call for interested members of the public to step up to the plate.

    He said, “I want to encourage Bermudian women and men who are up to the task and looking to make a real impact on the community to apply.”

    The official job description likewise emphasized the vital duties that accompany such a crucial role.

    It noted that successful candidates will work shifts, “undertaking operational duties and delivering emergency and humanitarian services to the public”.

    Befitting the often physical nature of the role, candidates must also meet a minimum height requirement of 5’5”, have strong eyesight and be able to perform well under pressure.

    Minister Weeks noted, “When the public needs help, you are the one they will call. Are you up for the challenge?”

    Interested jobseekers are asked to apply via the government’s online job board at:

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