Is remote work untapped in the Caribbean?

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS — Remote work in the Caribbean may be underutilized, as many employers, organizations and jobseekers continue to conduct business in-person for the most part.

remote jobs in the Caribbean

Not many Caribbean companies have embraced the digital marketplace. (Canva photo)

While many companies shifted to remote models during the pandemic, Caribbean businesses have largely returned to the “normal” that businesses in the United States and beyond are fighting with their staff to achieve.

However, with the export industry being a major player in the Caribbean economy — and a sector that has been repeatedly identified as needing more development — the digital market has not been utilized to the extent that it could be.

This likewise goes for the labour market.

“In this digital age, Caribbean jobseekers do not have to be limited to just the job openings in their immediate area,” says Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO.

“Especially in tight labour markets, where employers say they struggle to find adequate candidates just as jobseekers say they struggle to find the high-quality, high-paying jobs they are qualified for.”

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    Culture slow to embrace digital opportunities

    Boll is not the first business leader to recommend more Caribbean jobseekers try their hand at remote work.

    Several others have likewise made the recommendation, especially during the peak of COVID, when the region’s tourism product was still recovering and the job market was struggling to get back on its feet.

    remote jobs in the Caribbean

    There are steps you can take to launch a remote career. (Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels)

    However, with persistent infrastructure challenges and a general culture that has been slow to embrace technological advancements, many Caribbean working people may not know how to launch a remote career from their island hometown.


    How to find a remote job in the Caribbean

    There are several key steps a Caribbean jobseeker can take to prepare themselves for a remote career:

    • Decide which kinds of jobs you will accept.
    • Tailor your resume to highlight your experience with working independently — remote employers need to be confident that you can work effectively with minimal supervision.
    • Consider freelance work – you can start small or part-time and work up to a full-time position.
    • Ensure you have a good remote work space — you need stable internet access and tools like a laptop, mouse, etc. You can consider using a shared workspace.
    • Don’t be afraid of rejection — remember, remote work jobs are in high demand around the world. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t hired by the first position you apply for.

    You can use resources like Caribbean Employment, LinkedIn and other reliable job boards to search for remote jobs that are specifically available for Caribbean residents.

    In many cases, your employer may be located in a completely different country and that is common.

    The most important step is to be willing to try and be open to the many opportunities that exist in the worldwide digital marketplace.

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