Bonus tax-free salary payments for healthcare workers, Joint Services in Guyana

“We are not returning the one month’s tax-free bonus for any other reason but because you deserve it, because you work hard for it.”

- President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali  

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — Both healthcare workers and members of the Joint Services of Guyana are getting the gift of bonus salary payments this year, President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali has announced.

All healthcare workers will receive two weeks’ worth of their salary, tax-free; while Joint Services will receive an entire month’s worth, also tax-free.

Guyanese President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali meets with healthcare workers. (Photo: Guyana Chronicle)

In a televised address in which he thanked healthcare workers for their services and pleaded with them to continue to serve, President Ali said, “In keeping with my promise and the government’s promise of rewarding you for the work that you have been doing, I am pleased today to say that the government has taken a decision to grant an across-the-board, tax-free, two weeks’ bonus salary to every single healthcare worker — not just doctors or nurses or frontline workers.”

The bonus pay is estimated to benefit some 9,200 healthcare workers at a cost of $612 million.

“It’s a lot of resources that will be required,” Ali said in acknowledging the price tag, “but we are making that investment in you.

“We ask you to continue to do of your best in support of the citizens of this country — your Guyanese brothers and sisters — and, most of all, in keeping with your oath of duty.”

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    Bonus month’s salary for Joint Services

    Ranks of the Guyanese Joint Services at their Christmas Lunch. (Photo: Office of the President)

    In a separate address, at a Christmas Lunch held for members of the Joint Services, Ali’s announcement of an entire month’s bonus salary was met with resounding applause and cheers from the audience of beneficiaries.

    “Today, I do not want to be long, but I have promised that we will return your bonus,” the president said.

    “Last year, we returned two weeks’ bonus. This year, we are returning the full month’s tax-free bonus to you, and let me be very clear — let me be very, very clear on this because I want this to be clear to all those who are listening.

    “We are not returning the one month’s tax-free bonus for any other reason but because you deserve it, because you work hard for it.”

    President Ali noted that the bonus payment will be for workers in the police force, prisons and “all our men and women in uniform”.

    He added that he was “very pleased” his government was providing the bonus payment even while “still working on an accelerated programme to support your improvement and the improvement of the life of your families”.

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