Trinidad govt. to undertake survey on job vacancies

New survey aims to inform recruitment efforts, employment and training programmes, and more

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO — Starting tomorrow, the government will launch a survey on jobs in Trinidad and Tobago to help assess the local labour market.

jobs in Trinidad and Tobago

The surveys will inform employment policies and programmes, training initiatives and recruitment.

The survey will span both the public and private sectors, and is expected to be completed within the first quarter of this year.

It’s the first time a survey like this is being conducted since 2012, which was held under the previous administration.

However, the current Rowley administration has pledged to make the survey a routine occurrence to better manage the nation’s labour market.

The 2023 Job Vacancy Survey could benefit several sectors of society, if successful.

Results from the survey, if used productively, could help bridge employment and skills gaps, helping to identify areas where more Trinidadians could acquire gainful employment.

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    Survey to help improve jobs in T&T

    A government statement on the matter noted, “The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) recognizes that stakeholders both in the public and private sectors are demanding regular reviews of the structure and trends in the domestic labour market.

    “Further to this, they are interested in knowing the sectors and occupations where vacancies exist.

    jobs in Trinidad and Tobago

    The surveys will also help to fill skills gaps in the Trinidadian labour market.

    “As such, following the last Job Vacancy Survey in 2012, the GORTT has decided to conduct a second Job Vacancy Survey, with a view to having this survey conducted at more regular intervals, through the Ministry of Labour.”

    Information like current and projected job vacancies, and especially hard-to-fill ones, will be gathered by the survey.

    Additionally, the government will assess the occupations and industries where vacancies exist, the qualifications that would be needed to fill those vacancies and the possible reasons why those vacancies exist.

    These statistics, it advised, will help to inform government policies and programmes on employment and labour in the country.

    But it will also help to inform training programmes, in an effort to ensure training programmes exist to fill those gaps.

    For the private sector, “employers can use this data to assist in their recruitment processes and formulation of human resource planning and policy development”, the government statement advised.

    “Essentially this data is a key asset to everyone,” the statement read.

    “It is an instrumental resource for key decision-making in our personal, professional, business and national development.”

    Additionally, the survey will also take a look at job turnover rates, with officials promising that it will be “just one aspect of the Labour Market Information System being developed by the Labour Market Information Unit (LMIU) of the Ministry of Labour”.

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