Grenadians warned against fake job scam

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. denounces scam artists targeting hopeful jobseekers

SAINT GEORGE’S, GRENADA — Officials are warning the public not to fall for scam advertisements for jobs in Grenada that have been circulating on social media as of late.

In particular, a new forwarded message claims to offer Grenadians the opportunity to live and work in the United Kingdom.

jobs in Grenada

A new scam being circulated on social media falsely promises Grenadians jobs in the UK.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. strongly denounces the scam, as our organization has worked closely with several legitimate UK employers offering relocation opportunities.

Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO, said, “It is shameful that someone would try to take advantage of Grenadians who only want to better their lives and pursue the best opportunities available to them.

It is true that the UK has been experiencing severe labour shortages that have led many employers to look to the Caribbean, where they know they will find talented, hardworking candidates.

“This scam seems to be an attempt to use half-truths of the situation and fool earnest individuals out of their money.”

Boll urged Grenadians to heed the warnings of their government and only engage with legitimate companies and recruitment services like Caribbean Employment Services Inc.

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    Scam promises fake UK visas

    A notice from the government noted, “The Grenada National Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT Gnd) wishes to inform the public of a United Kingdom visa sponsorship and employment phishing scam.

    “It is currently targeting Grenadians and is being shared by Grenadians via social media.”

    jobs in Grenada

    Grenadians are encouraged only to trust job advertisements from legitimate sources.

    Further, the notice explained, “The scam invites interested persons to click on a given link to apply for a United Kingdom visa as well as to sign up for employment.

    “CSIRT Gnd wants the public to know that the link shared in the message leads to a phishing website, and that visiting phishing websites can result in account compromise, device compromise or both.

    “Additionally, sharing personal information on a phishing website can also lead to identity theft.

    “The public is hereby warned about engaging with unverified advertisements, sponsored posts, messages, emails and other postings.

    “If you receive the message, please delete it.

    “If you received the message, clicked on the link and entered your personal information, scan your device for malware and monitor your accounts for suspicious activities.”

    CSIRT Gnd urged anyone who may have fallen victim to this scam to contact them for assistance urgently.

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