NHS Professionals International is recruiting Caribbean healthcare workers

Unique relocation opportunity for international professionals looking to join one of the biggest employers in the UK

NHS Professionals, the largest provider of flexible workers to the National Health Service (NHS), is urgently seeking international nurses, radiologists and other healthcare professionals to relocate overseas and join NHS Trusts in England.

jobs in the Caribbean

NHS Professionals is committed to ensuring new employees feel welcome.

What’s more, Anthony Catlow, International Regional Director, NHS Professionals (NHSP) International, emphasized that NHS Professionals is offering more than just job opportunities.

As an organization whose motto is “Putting People in Places to Care”, the NHS Professionals is also committed to providing its staff with work-life balance and career development.

NHS Professionals International has supported over 7,000 international nurses, over the last 2 years, to relocate to the UK and start careers in the NHS,” Catlow said.

“We are the largest supplier of international nurses here in the UK, and we fully support each nurse as an individual throughout all stages of the process.

“You will even be greeted by one of our team of experts at the airports when you land, ensuring that you are welcomed, valued and cared for from the beginning of your journey in the UK.”

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    Healthcare jobs open to Caribbean applicants

    jobs in the Caribbean

    The NHS is urgently seeking international healthcare workers.

    Two of the major categories the NHSP is hiring for are Radiology and Nursing, including a wide variety of nursing sub-specialties.

    The only primary requirements are for applicants to have at least one year of hospital experience, and to not have an employment gap of more than 18 months.

    But Catlow encouraged interested applicants to browse open positions, noting the NHSP “can offer you a huge range of jobs”.

    “Many of these include working directly with patients,” he said.

    “However, there are a lot of other roles that contribute to providing high-quality patient care by offering valuable support across our organization.”

    Current job openings can be browsed exclusively on:

    Learn more about what it’s like working with the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust:

    Flexibility and job development perks

    Anthony Catlow, International Regional Director, NHS Professionals International.

    Caribbean workers seeking to join the NHS can also benefit from flexible work arrangements, professional enrichment and other perks through NHS Professionals.

    In fact, Catlow said the entire point of the recruitment exercise is to help “diversify the skillset across the clinical wards that care for people across all specialties of nursing”.

    “Every year, we help thousands of dedicated and highly skilled NHS healthcare professionals enjoy better career opportunities, more flexible shifts and improved work-life balance,” he said.

    “Under the Tier 2 VISA, nurses are able to work an additional 20 hours per week if they wish to do so…

    “By joining NHS Professionals today, you can start looking forward to a choice of flexible NHS jobs and long-term placement opportunities, as well as the ability to develop professionally and gain experience in a number of wards.”

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