Green jobs on the rise in the Caribbean through RMI partnership

RMI’s million-dollar clean energy fund poised to create hundreds of high-quality jobs in the Caribbean

THE BOTTOM, SABA — Dozens of clean energy jobs are on the horizon for Saba, whose government just recently entered into an agreement with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).

RMI is one of the premier global organizations fighting climate change and advocating for a faster transition to green energy.

jobs in the Caribbean

Saba is looking to adopt 100% renewable energy.

Its partnership with Saba aims to help the nation become the first in the Caribbean to generate its electricity exclusively through renewable energy.

This is a major project that would create dozens of temporary and permanent high-quality jobs in clean energy.

According to an RMI statement, “RMI and Saba Electric Company NV (SEC) held a contract signing ceremony, formalizing partnership on the upcoming Phase 3 Renewable Energy Project that will enable Saba, a municipality of the Caribbean Netherlands, to produce nearly 90 percent of its energy needs with local, renewable and resilient sources.

“The project will consist of solar energy, battery storage and wind energy generation…

“RMI will support the development of a detailed project plan and oversee project implementation and coordination between SEC and the contractor.

“The construction and maintenance of the renewable systems will also provide a multitude of temporary and permanent jobs for citizens.”

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    More green jobs incoming

    Saba is not the only country in the region that RMI has committed to working with.

    Through its $150 million Caribbean Climate Smart Fund, RMI aims to help Caribbean countries expand into renewable energy.

    It has already worked with The Bahamas on a massive scale solar panel project on Ragged Island, one of the country’s outlying islands.

    jobs in the Caribbean

    RMI is helping Caribbean countries go green.

    The Caribbean Climate Smart Fund is specifically designed to tackle climate-related challenges in the region, such as creating storm-proof energy systems.

    However, it also aims to assist with the often-related economic challenges by helping to reduce electricity costs as well as create highly-skilled, well-paying green jobs for Caribbean citizens and residents.

    Green jobs have been rapidly expanding worldwide as countries rush to achieve the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

    While the majority are currently based in Asia, the United States has been quickly catching up thanks to legislation passed by the Biden administration.

    The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has projected that there could be some 100 million green jobs in the world by 2023.

    With Saba on track to generate 60% of its energy through renewable sources by 2025, in partnership with RMI, it’s well on its way to adding to that green jobs figure.

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