Clean energy jobs in Trinidad and Barbados could be expanding

More Caribbean nations look to expand into territory dominated by Guyana

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO — There could be more green sector employment opportunities and jobs in Trinidad and Barbados in the near future, as both countries look to further develop their respective oil industries.

jobs in Guyana

Guyana's oil industry has been widely successful.

The oil and gas industry has typically been dominated by Guyana over the last several years.

In fact, that nation had so much success in this regard that its economy flourished during the pandemic — a time when most other Caribbean countries, which were largely tourism-dependent, struggled with global shutdowns in travel.

Guyana’s success was so significant that the country is expected to need to strengthen its labour force by another 160,000 workers this year alone just to keep up with its rapid economic growth.

But most Caribbean nations have earnestly reinforced efforts to diversify their economies since then, and on the heels of a green energy conference hosted in Guyana, both Trinidad and Barbados have expressed confidence in job opportunities in the works for renewable energy.

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    New partnership to train residents for renewable jobs in Trinidad

    jobs in Trinidad

    A new partnership will train university graduates for green economy jobs.

    In Trinidad, for instance, a local energy company formed a partnership with the government to train university graduates as part of a larger plan to ensure the country has adequately skilled workers to meet the labour force’s expected demand.

    A government statement announcing the partnership noted, “This initiative…signaled the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at building capacity across various specializations needed in the local energy sector.”

    It added, “This type of partnership is critical for the future growth and development of Trinidad and Tobago, particularly as the country transitions towards meeting its commitment to reducing our carbon footprint in the near future.”


    Official touts potential for more green jobs in Barbados

    jobs in Trinidad

    Barbados and Trinidad are both expanding their oil and gas industries.

    Meanwhile, in Barbados, Economic Adviser of the Commonwealth Secretariat Victor Kitange hinted at job opportunities on the horizon in a developing renewable energy industry in the nation.

    A government statement further elaborating on the matter noted, “Barbados’ emerging energy industry presents significant opportunities for new jobs and decent incomes for Barbadians participating in energy value chain activities.”

    Kitange further added, “To take advantage of such opportunities, the government is implementing a range of measures with technical support from the Commonwealth Secretariat and funding from the India-UN Development Partnership Fund.”

    This, he said, will help “to develop local suppliers’ competitiveness and facilitate their market access to business opportunities in the energy industry value chain”.

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