New Ramada Hotel in St. Kitts & Nevis to create more than 400 jobs for local community

“We are pleased that this will add to the employment road for our young and not-so-young.”

- Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS AND NEVIS — Some 400 jobs will be added to the local labour market thanks to the opening of the new Ramada Hotel in the Whitegate Development Area on the outskirts of St. Paul’s, according to Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris.

St. Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris.

Hailing the 300-room, ultra-luxury property as “another positive development bringing more jobs and more opportunities for our people”, the prime minister conveyed the high expectations of the resort not just for tourism workers, but for workers in other industries as well.

In a recent social media post, he said, “Our newest hotel in St. Paul’s, St. Kitts, the Ramada, is expected to employ over 400 people, especially those on the western end of the island between Sandy Point through St. Paul’s and Dieppe Bay and Saddlers to as far as Tabernacle.

“Things are looking up for job creation and the economy.”

Emphasizing this point, a hotel spokesperson noted that the 400 jobs to come were “not to mention the benefits to the local communities for taxi drivers, shops and other businesses”, highlighting the anticipated far-reaching economic boost.

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    Adding to the “employment road”

    A government statement on the opening, which is considered to be a “phase one” launch, is part of the Harris administration’s efforts to develop the rural countryside “as one of the premier attractions of [its] tourism product”.

    The ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the Ramada Hotel in St. Kitts & Nevis in December 2021. (Photo: SKNIS)

    Speaking at the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new property, Harris said, “We are pleased that this product will contribute to the stronger and safer future which we promised our people.

    “We are pleased that this will add to the employment road for our young and not-so-young, and the full range of impact is yet to [be] determined because we are going to find people in farming, in fishing and in different areas benefiting from the opening of this particular facility.”

    He added, “As we attempt to attract more airlines, very often the question that is being posed is the number of hotels that is available. Today, we are celebrating the official opening of Ramada and I want to place on record the government’s deep appreciation to Ramada…for the investment at this critical moment in time.

    “It speaks well to efforts at diversifying the economy, especially at this critical period in time, and I am sure that the guests who will come will certainly enjoy the accommodating environment here in the northeast of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

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