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TCI launches apprenticeship programme to help new graduates get jobs

National Internship & Apprenticeship Program aims to give young people job experience to secure gainful employment  COCKBURN TOWN, TURKS & CAICOS — A new partnership between the government and local businesses is looking to create a clear pathway to jobs in Turks and Caicos for the country’s youth. The National Internship & Apprenticeship Program was…
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Over 100 apprentices being trained for manufacturing jobs in Trinidad

Minister Morris-Julian says apprenticeship programme will address labour shortage in Trinidad’s manufacturing sector  PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO — More than 100 young Trinbagonians are officially being trained to accept manufacturing jobs through a new programme beginning just this month. Under the Manufacturing Apprenticeship Programme, 100 of the nation’s youth will spend the next…
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New graduates face ‘roadblocks’ to employment when returning home to the Caribbean

Bermuda minister, Cayman political aspirant urge local businesses to provide new graduates with relevant experience for gainful employment  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — Speaking to challenges of immigration and the labour market during a recent Territories Talk panel, Bermuda Minister of Labour Jason Hayward said new graduates who studied abroad and returned home are facing a “roadblock”…
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