Brand new Jamaican office to hire 200 more employees

Around 50,000 jobs in Jamaica believed to be in the services sector

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Just one week after providing some 600 jobs in Jamaica’s services sector, Intelcia announced that another 200 people will be hired by year’s end.

This represents an enormous 23 percent increase in workforce for the international outsourcing company that just opened its first Caribbean office in Jamaica last week.

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Intelcia has hired 608 Jamaicans since opening its first Caribbean office.

According to Intelcia Jamaica Director Mireille Debruycker, Intelcia has already hired 608 Jamaicans since opening.

With the company projecting massive growth and quick returns, she said, they’re expected to need another 142 workers within the next few months.

“Our first site is here in New Kingston, and we currently have 608 people already at work,” she confirmed.

“The site can grow further, and our intent is to do that by the end of this year to about 750 people.”

However, it’s not just numbers that the business is after — they’re looking for “the right people” for the job in a variety of positions.

Debruycker noted, “The number of employees can easily be exceeded with the right strategy in bringing on new employees, and not just our contact centre agents.

“We are talking about support, training, human resources — anything that is needed to effectively and efficiently operate a world-class contact centre.”

Interested jobseekers can visit Intelcia’s careers page to apply.

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    Hundreds of services sector jobs

    Jamaica’s services sector — consisting of jobs that provide services to clients rather than goods — has been experiencing a major boom of late.

    In fact, according to a government representative, it was one of the few industries that actually grew “exponentially” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, while most other industries struggled.

    Jamaica's services sector employs more than 50,000 people.

    Highlighting just how much the industry has contributed to Jamaica’s economy, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) Digital Services Unit Head Vivion Scully said some 20,000 jobs have been added to the services sector over the past two years.

    “We have been growing at a clip of about 20 percent annually, with numbers currently exceeding 55,000 employees within the sector,” he noted.

    Further, his organization aims to “continue to drive the availability of talent and prepare graduates out of high school and universities for the sector” in the future, securing even more jobs in Jamaica.

    This is in line with the projections of business leaders, including Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO Joseph Boll, and other regional economic experts, who believe the services sector will be the major driver of jobs in the Caribbean in a post-COVID-19 environment.

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