More Jamaicans urged to seek jobs in the services sector

Minister says services sector is “a very good place to work”

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Aubyn Hill is urging more young Jamaicans to pursue jobs in Jamaica’s services sector.

In particular, the minister expressed his desire to see more youth join the Global Services Sector (GSS) programme designed to ensure their employability in the sector.

Alluding to the crime rate, Hill said he wants to see more young Jamaicans become employed rather than fall victim or prey to crime.

jobs in Jamaica

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Aubyn Hill said he wants more young men to join GSS.

“I want to see a lot more women coming in, and a lot more young men,” he said.

“We need to cut off those forces and make sure the young men come into the workforce and become exporters.”

Emphasizing his point, Hill added, “I want to see a lot more men in here.

“We need to take these young men who are strong and get them in this programme so other forces don’t take them.”

The GSS aims to provide Jamaicans with “access to training and better jobs in the services sector, which includes knowledge process outsourcing, IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing.”

It is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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    Services sector jobs in Jamaica

    Hill’s comments came as the GSS saw its first cohort of graduates since being formed in 2019.

    Additionally, it came as the Ministry of Labour on Friday held a job fair that was expected to see some 400 participants and hundreds of potential new hires.

    jobs in Jamaica

    The services sector is expected to see major job growth in Jamaica.

    While no interviews were conducted during that job fair, several employers in the services sector — including business processing outsourcing, hospitality and IT — were to take part.

    Such developments ring true to earlier projections by Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO Joseph Boll and regional economists that the services sector will drive employment and new jobs in Jamaica.

    Earlier this year, Boll remarked, “Increased economic activity and growth almost always coincides with more job opportunities, and it would be no surprise if this turns out to also be the case for Jamaica.

    “The potential for the services sector to directly and indirectly lead to increased employment is enormous and we would be happy to connect jobseekers with the new jobs that become available.”

    Hill told the GSS’ first cohort of over 100 graduates that the services sector is “a very good place to work.”

    Further, he said the industry actually “kept on growing” even amid the coronavirus pandemic, underscoring its long-term potential for jobs in Jamaica.

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