Digital transformation is the key to jobs in Montserrat

Montserratians encouraged to find remote jobs online to make a living

PLYMOUTH, MONTSERRAT — Digital transformation holds the key to creating more jobs in Montserrat, as well as throughout the Caribbean.

It can also introduce the kind of economic diversification that has been widely discussed in the region since the COVID-19 pandemic nearly decimated the tourism industry.

remote jobs in Montserrat

Caribbean leaders have been encouraging the region's residents to pursue remote jobs instead of relying solely on local job opportunities.

Although many Caribbean nations have rapidly recovered, residents can benefit from the opportunity to pursue remote jobs not just in the region but throughout the world.

This is where online talent recruitment agencies like Caribbean Employment Services Inc. can play a crucial role in helping to connect the people of the Caribbean with the best possible jobs for their skillset no matter which island they reside on.

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    Less reliance on the government for jobs in Montserrat 

    remote jobs in Montserrat

    Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Governor Timothy Antoine.

    In recent times, several Caribbean leaders have similarly encouraged the region’s citizens to take advantage of the remote-first environment spurred by the pandemic by pursuing remote jobs.

    Just this month, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Governor Timothy Antoine asserted that digital development is a viable way for Montserratians to make a living.

    “We have to be positioned to tap into the digital economy,” he said.

    “A Montserratian should be able to stay here in Montserrat and sell to any part of the world because he or she is connected to the digital economy.

    “There is absolutely no way we’re going to survive in this global economy if we don’t go digital.

    “That is why we make the push — because we believe we have to position our youth, position our economies to take advantage of these emerging opportunities.”


    More digital jobs 

    remote jobs in Montserrat

    Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Governor Timothy Antoine said he would like to see more digital jobs in Montserrat.

    Antoine also said the ECCB would like to see more digital jobs in Montserrat, particularly with residents working remotely for more developed countries where they can earn high salaries.

    “For example, just to make it clear,” Antoine said, “whether you’re doing something like digital marketing, you’re doing digital engineering, you’re doing graphic design, you’re doing websites, social media work, coding, there is a range of possibilities for young people and others in this digital economy to make a living right here on Montserrat.

    “That’s what we want to see more of so there’s less dependence on the government to create a job and less people have to leave Montserrat to find a job.

    “Tap into the digital economy and you can do it from your island home.

    “That’s what we want to see.”

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