Dominicans told to prepare for new jobs

Prime Minister Skerrit reveals host of new employment opportunities and jobs in Dominica in the months ahead

ROSEAU, DOMINICA — Residents are being put on notice to get ready for a slew of new jobs in Dominica as the government has identified several major sectors that will see employment opportunities over the next year.

Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit put the nation on notice this week during his budget address, during which he laid out his administration’s plans for job creation over the next year.

He said, “This year’s budget features major investments in infrastructure projects that will create jobs in agriculture, commerce, tourism, renewable energy, small business and the digital economy.”

But in addition to these, the prime minister also announced new call center and healthcare jobs to come, as well as a job training programme designed to set Dominicans on a track to attain high-paying employment.

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    jobs in Dominica

    A new call center will create 300 more jobs in Dominica in October 2022.

    300 call center jobs in Dominica

    Prime Minister Skerrit revealed that a new call center set to open in October will provide hundreds of new jobs in Dominica.

    “During the last fiscal year, the government partnered with Clear Harbor to open a new call center at Jenner Hall in Portsmouth,” he said.

    “This has created employment for 176 young people.

    “We are in the process of setting up another call center targeting the employment of another 300 young people by October 2022.”

    jobs in Dominica

    The opening of new hospitals in Dominica will create more jobs within the healthcare sector.

    More healthcare workers wanted

    Additionally, the prime minister noted that healthcare workers remain in demand as two new hospitals will create more job opportunities in the country.

    Skerrit said, “With the opening of Dominica’s two new hospitals, healthcare clinics and facilities, new skills and competencies will be required.

    “In addition, new jobs will become available.

    “There will be a need for additional lab technicians, scrub technicians, nurses and other healthcare workers, as well as pharmacists and other ancillary and support personnel.”

    jobs in Dominica

    Major infrastructure projects, including the development of an international airport, are set to create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in Dominica.

    More jobs through infrastructure developments

    Further, a major cable car project and the development of an international airport will create even more jobs in Dominica, Prime Minister Skerrit said.

    The cable car project will create direct jobs like customer service representatives, operators, mechanics, tour guides, trail and facility maintenance.

    It will also create indirect business opportunities for taxi operators, local vendors and restaurants.

    Likewise, the new airport is expected to boost tourism while creating job opportunities for contractors, construction workers, engineers, plumbers and electricians.

    “We encourage our citizens to ready themselves for these new employment opportunities,” said Skerrit.

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