Guyana trains women to be solar electricians

41 women trained in photovoltaic tech

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — More women are venturing into new industries and jobs in the Caribbean, thanks to several women’s empowerment initiatives being undertaken across several nations.

jobs in Guyana

Graduates of Guyana's Board of Industrial Training’s (BIT) Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme.

In one of the most recent initiatives, a cohort of Guyanese women was equipped with a highly specialized skillset enabling them to achieve gainful employment as solar electricians.

A government statement congratulating the graduates read: “Forty-one women in Bartica, Region Seven, graduated from the Board of Industrial Training’s (BIT) Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme.

“The graduates were trained in solar photovoltaic technology, installation, repair and maintenance over three weeks.”

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    Equal jobs for women in Guyana

    The success of this training programme is a significant accomplishment as electrician jobs and other skilled-labour jobs are usually dominated by men in Caribbean countries.

    However, Guyanese Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton spoke to the need to ensure women have equal access to high-earning, skilled jobs that will improve their standard of living.

    jobs in Guyana

    Skilled labour jobs are not usually held by women in the Caribbean.

    He also highlighted the progressive nature of the BIT programme, noting that such opportunities for women “across Guyana…were not available before 2020”.

    “We cannot talk about nation-building while we exclude more than half of the population from a certain type of training,” Hamilton said.

    “Any job a man can do, a woman can do.

    “All she needs is the exposure, the competence and the training to succeed; there is nothing to fear.”

    For their part, the women who graduated were said to be “excited” and feel “empowered to be part of the growing workforce” in Guyana.

    Hundreds more jobs needed in Guyana

    There could soon be a surge of direct and indirect jobs in Guyana due to the oil and gas sector's boom.

    The BIT programme is just one of many employment initiatives the Guyanese government has launched recently to ensure their citizens are gainfully employed.

    But even more jobs are hinted to come, especially as international organizations have estimated that Guyana will soon face a labour shortage in the midst of an enormous economic boom.

    Some have likewise dubbed Guyana one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

    On this note, a statement from the government pledged its commitment to “delivering training and opportunities in all administrative regions…as the country prepares to embrace the new and emerging workforce”.

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