New bridge construction brings hundreds of jobs to Guyana

The government is encouraging residents to apply for the many job openings becoming available

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — A new major construction project is bringing a wealth of jobs to Guyana, as well as a promise that hiring managers will prioritize local citizens and residents.

The Demerara River Bridge is considered to be “the most significant local transportation infrastructure project that Guyana has ever embarked on.”

jobs in Guyana

There are job openings not just in construction but also administration, technical and more. (Photo by Mikael Blomkvist on Pexels)

It has already hired hundreds of people, and the government of Guyana is placing emphasis on its willingness to hire young jobseekers as well as those who may not have relevant work experience.

However, any qualified citizen or resident is encouraged to apply for the wide range of employment opportunities available.

Positions are not limited to the construction field but also include corporate and technical roles.

In a statement, the government noted, “Persons are being encouraged to grab the numerous employment opportunities available through the construction of the US$260 million new Demerara River Bridge by the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC).”

It added, “The company is prioritizing young people in this process… To date, persons have been able to explore options in the technical field as well as administrative roles.”

Speaking to Guyana’s Department of Public Information (DPI), Public Liaison Officer Sharda Mohan-Soomai also noted: “The best part about this project is that we have taken young persons with little to no experience and trained them.

“We are hiring persons on a daily basis, and we intend to continue doing so as we try to provide as many jobs as we can.”

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    Guyana expected to have a surplus of job opportunities

    jobs in Guyana

    The government is prioritizing jobs for young Guyanese. (Photo by Yan Krukau on Pexels)

    This major undertaking comes as Guyana is expected to need another 160,000 workers to fill projected job vacancies in the months ahead as its economy surges ahead.

    The Demerara River Bridge began last year around this same time. According to a government statement, the project has already hired more than 100 Guyanese for its mobilization operations, and more job openings are to come.

    Job opportunities are particularly expected to become available to residents of the West Bank of Demerara (WBD), but not exclusively so.

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