New work permit rules for jobs in Cayman

Businesses encouraged to hire Caymans first

GEORGE TOWN, CAYMAN — The government is reinforcing its efforts to ensure jobs in Cayman are given to citizens first with newly revised requirements for temporary work permits.

According to a statement, Cayman’s government became concerned that some businesses may have been using temporary work permits as a way to quickly bring in foreign workers before searching for adequate local talent.

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Businesses are being encouraged to hire Caymanians first.

As such, the government decided to adjust requirements as of this spring, and they strongly urged businesses to perform due diligence in finding local talent before applying for a work permit.

The new rules require that jobs be advertised on JobsCayman first before a work permit can be issued, and there will be closer scrutiny of work permit approvals as well.

“Cabinet approved new regulations [that] will introduce a requirement to advertise temporary job vacancies on the WORC (Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman) JobsCayman portal prior to the submission of a temporary work permit (TWP) application, commencing March 31, 2023,” the government announced.

“For employers, this change means that all local job vacancies either full-time or part-time will need to be advertised on the JobsCayman portal for 14 days prior to the submission of a TWP.

“This amendment will align the job registration process with that of full work permits.

“The aim of the new requirement is to allow for increased visibility of employment opportunities for Caymanians.”

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    Jobs for Cayman citizens first

    Deputy Premier and Minister for Labour Chris Saunders spoke to the new requirements, stressing the government’s mission to ensure Caymanians are hired first.

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    Businesses that turn down Cayman jobseekers must justify their reasoning before a work permit will be approved.

    He said, “We hope that this new regulation will encourage both jobseeking Caymanians and employers wishing to attract and retain talent to register on the portal now that it’s a requirement to post all available jobs — whether full-time or temporary — before a work permit is issued.

    “We also hope that all employers will use the portal as a first line of resource when looking for employees.

    “This PACT government is committed to making the necessary policy changes for Caymanians to be considered first for employment opportunities and this is another step forward in achieving this goal.”

    Additionally, the government announced that businesses that decline to hire Caymanians will be required to explain their reasoning.

    “If a Caymanian applies for a position advertised but is unsuccessful and a temporary work permit is submitted, the employer will need to provide the names, qualifications, working experience and background of all applicants who applied for the position, reasons the chosen applicant was hired and details as to why the Caymanian jobseeker was not,” it said.

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