Over 6,500 young Jamaicans get jobs

HEARTHEART/NSTA Trust steamrolls ahead with aim to get young Jamaicans employed

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Nearly 7,000 young Jamaicans have secured decent jobs, thanks to the continued efforts of the HEART/NSTA Trust.

The government-backed organization is dedicated to helping young people acquire the necessary skills to seek gainful employment, as well as other life skills.

Between 2019 and 2022, the HEART/NSTA aimed to place 7,300 young Jamaicans in suitable jobs that would enable them to earn a decent living.

jobs in Jamaica

The trust was aiming to have 7,300 youth employed by the end of 2022.

It has come tremendously close to that goal, with some 6,784 young people benefitting from job placement of the over 7,000 target.

However, the HEART/NSTA Trust continues with its ambitious plan to get as many young Jamaicans employed as possible.

For this current fiscal year, April to March, it’s already seen a massive enrollment of 35,000 at-risk youth.

On top of that, it is actively engaging another 960 “unattached young people” as it continues its efforts to help young Jamaicans become employed.

Commenting on these developments and future goals, HEART/NSTA Trust Managing Director Dr. Taneisha Ingleton emphasized the benefit they will have on the local labour force and the wider community as a whole.

“We know there are still challenges that our young people face, particularly in terms of crime and unemployment in some sectors,” she said.

“It is our responsibility to address these issues and provide our young people with the opportunities they need to thrive.”

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    Youth unemployment trending down

    Over the last two years, the HEART/NSTA Trust programme trained over 19,000 Jamaicans in corporate skills, as well as in developing, diversified industries.

    jobs in Jamaica

    The HEART/NSTA will help with youth employment and economic development.

    According to an official statement, “The HEART/NSTA Trust continues to play a key role in preparing young people for the workforce, with some 19,300 trainees graduating across various training programmes over the period 2019 to 2022.

    “These include digital animation, printing and graphics, geomatic and geospatial services, web page design and printing, industrial electronics, network engineering, general construction, tractor operations and maintenance, human resource management and electrical installation.”

    This training will certainly help to address a skills gap that exists in certain industries within Jamaica, especially as the country looks to develop emerging industries and diversify its economy away from overreliance on tourism.

    Data shows the efforts are already paying off, with the nation seeing a huge drop in youth unemployment over the past 10 years.

    “We are preparing trainees to re-energise industries with the talent required to drive our economy,” Dr. Ingleton said.

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