Why Caribbean jobseekers should upgrade their job-hunting method

Jobseekers can save time and spare themselves frustration by looking for jobs online

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The traditional hunt for jobs in the Caribbean has been a frustrating experience for many. But organizations like Caribbean Employment Services Inc. have emerged to help modernize the recruitment, hiring and job placement process.

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Jobseekers can upgrade their hunt for the perfect job by using online services like Caribbean Employment.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is based in Barbados but operational throughout the Caribbean as a fully digital talent acquisition service that aims to connect the highest quality employers with the region’s top talent.

Through its online portal, it provides a range of services to both employers and jobseekers alike, and this month, it’s preparing to launch a whole new suite of recruitment resources to bolster its capacity.

Further, by operating in a digital capacity, Caribbean Employment is able to help businesses that are hiring cast a wider net and increase their chances of finding the absolute best candidate for open roles.

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    Online jobs boards a better fit for jobseekers in the Caribbean

    The need for services like Caribbean Employment was recently brought to light as scores of Bahamians took to social media to air their frustrations about the vexing process to apply for public sector jobs through government offices.

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    Many jobseekers have been frustrated with the outdated job hunt process in some Caribbean nations.

    One user wrote, “I'm literally begging someone in government to create a database for employment.”

    The aggrieved individual described going through a process of obtaining physical copies of documents like their ID, national examination results, medical history, and more that were deemed necessary simply to apply for an open position with the government.

    “Now you tell me…I have to do it again because you can't find it ?” the individual lamented.

    “Everyone should be able to create a profile, upload and verify their documents and then have them be able to apply for any government job with that.

    “All this paperwork is insane!”

    The Bahamian government has recently launched an Online Skills Bank that promises to remove the tedious barriers to employment for citizens and residents.

    However, the frustration experienced by the social media poster was shared by many who added their voices to the post.

    It underscored why more Caribbean residents should also upgrade their way of searching for jobs, forgoing the more traditional methods like:

    • Visiting government offices
    • Battling traffic to attend physical job fairs
    • Purchasing newspapers and spending hours scouring the Classified section
    • Relying on their Member of Parliament or someone they know to get hired

    Instead, Caribbean jobseekers should take their search online to reputable services that can save them the time and headache, and give them access to a wider range of job openings.

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