Most top-earning jobs in DR are in the public sector

Each one of the 10 top-paying jobs in the Dominican Republic is higher than even the president’s salary

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC — The highest paying jobs in the Dominican Republic are in the public sector, but not politicians or even the president.

This was recently revealed by local news organization Acento, which ranked the top 10 jobs that earn the highest salary each month.

jobs in the Dominican Republic

The highest-paying jobs all earn more than the President of the Dominican Republic.

According to that data, the lowest of the top earners comes in at just under $600,000 Dominican pesos (RD) per month.

That equals about USD$11,320, meaning all of the Dominican Republic’s top earners take home at least RD$6 million every year, not including benefits, bonuses or other job perks.

Meanwhile, by law, the President of the Dominican Republic is only allowed a monthly salary of RD$450,000, or around USD$8,489.95.

Although, without a doubt, all of these salaries are well above the nation’s RD$14,000/month minimum wage.

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    The highest-paying jobs in the Dominican Republic

    Acento revealed that the 10th highest-paying job in the Dominican Republic is that of a DGII tax agency’s Director General, who earns some RD$598,772 per month.

    jobs in the Dominican Republic

    Most of the highest-paying jobs in the Dominican Republic are within the public sector.

    Just slightly above that position is that of a Vice President of EdeEste, the partially-public-owned electric utility company. That position earns RD$600,000 per month.

    There’s a significant bump up to the next level, with the 8th highest-paying job taking home RD$630,919 or USD$11,900 every month. That position is of a General Director of Customs.

    A Superintendent of Electricity brings in some RD$120,000 more than a General Director of Customs. Coming in at the 7th spot on the list of highest earners, that position makes RD$751,201 or USD$14,173 per month.

    Earning slightly more is a Securities Superintendent, who takes home RD$770,000 or roughly USD$14,527.25 per month.

    Even further, none of the top five highest-paying jobs earn under USD$180,000 annually.

    The fifth highest-paid job is an Insurance Superintendent, whose monthly salary is RD$800,000 or nearly USD$15,100.

    Top-earning jobs all within banking sector

    But beyond these, the jobs in the Dominican Republic that see the highest wages are all in the public banking sector.

    jobs in the Dominican Republic

    Even further, most of the highest-paying jobs are within the banking sector.

    Specifically, most are within the Central Bank.

    A Central Bank Manager earns RD$840,875 or around USD$16,000 every month.

    Meanwhile, a Superintendent of Banks sees a staggering monthly salary of RD$1,145,184, or around USD$21,605.68.

    That’s just under USD$260,000 per year.

    Additionally, a Central Bank Deputy Governor makes RD$1,542,565, or USD$29,100, on a monthly basis.

    However, perched above them all is the highest-paying job in the Dominican Republic: a Central Bank Governor.

    This esteemed role earns some RD$1,653,565 every month.

    That equates to about USD$31,200 per month, or an annual salary of USD$374,364.88.

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