Dominican Republic raises minimum wage

Wage hikes spreading across the Caribbean; Jamaica up for round two

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC — Certain categories of jobs in the Dominican Republic are set to rake in more cash as the government has approved an increase in minimum wage.

This makes it among the many countries in the region to take action in response to the rising cost of living that has made it more challenging for working families to make ends meet.

jobs in St. Kitts and Nevis considering minimum wage salary increase

Dozens of Caribbean countries have raised minimum wage over the past few months.

Although, the Dominican Republic’s minimum wage hike comes a tad late to the punch as many other Caribbean nations began implementing increases since as early as December 2021.

Additionally, the increase won’t actually take effect until next month, meaning workers still have to battle the tide of inflation until then.

However, the Dominican government has also approved another increase in advance for next year, giving citizens and residents something to look forward to for the future.

Announcing the impending minimum wage increase, government media station DR1 recently reported: “The National Salary Committee under the Ministry of Labor approved a 15 percent increase in minimum wages for private employees not in predetermined sectors as of April 1, 2023.

“An additional four percent was approved to go into effect in February 2024.”

Further, the Dominican government hinted that industries like tourism, agriculture and construction could also be next in line for minimum wage hikes sometime in the near future.

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    More salary and wage increases to come

    Over the last year, countries like Jamaica, Guyana, The Bahamas, Grenada, Bermuda and more have moved to increase their minimum wage — and Jamaica’s already gearing up for another round.

    The government of Jamaica raised minimum wage last April, and is gearing up to do so again.

    It was just last spring that the government of Jamaica implemented what was hailed as the largest minimum wage hike in its entire history.

    But just this week, Jamaican Minister of Finance Nigel Clarke put the nation on notice that another increase is set to come.

    He acknowledged that this additional increase is also in response to the high cost of living, noting that people with minimum wage jobs in Jamaica continue to express concern about inflation.

    At the time of last year’s increase, Minister of Labour Karl Samuda did emphasize the difference between a minimum wage and a living wage.

    Minister Samuda noted last year that a minimum wage does not necessarily ensure Jamaican workers have the means to live and provide for their families comfortably.

    Over the coming weeks, he is expected to reveal more information about this new round of increases, which could take effect as of next month.

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