New initiative launched to help disabled workers secure jobs in Grenada

Programme aims to increase employability of Grenada’s disabled and marginalized workers

SAINT GEORGE’S, GRENADA — An inclusive new programme has been launched with the aim of increasing employability amongst Grenada’s most vulnerable, and in particular to help disabled workers secure jobs.

The Gender Responsive Climate and Disaster Risk Management Project for Persons Living with Disabilities (PWD) in Grenada programme came about thanks to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

jobs in Grenada

The inclusive new programme aims to help disabled workers find gainful employment.

This is in addition to support from the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada, which have committed to assisting the nation with its efforts to “ensure access to opportunities for all, including persons with disabilities”.

It’s part of a USD$300,000 investment to help marginalized workers earn a decent living throughout Grenada.

Further, the programme is a timely one as data has shown disabled workers “are often doubly disadvantaged and marginalized” in the Caribbean.

Just an estimated 10 percent of people with disabilities are employed in the region — a figure programmes like this aim to change.

According to the government, the initiative will “enhance the livelihood resilience” of workers with disabilities and ensure they are equipped to secure well-paying jobs in Grenada.

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    Improving employability

    This new, inclusive project is off to a promising start as 63 Grenadians have become the first cohort to benefit.

    They are currently undertaking skills training that will allow them to acquire gainful employment in innovative new fields.

    jobs in Grenada

    The programme will provide skills training that will help disabled workers secure well-paying jobs in Grenada.

    “Women, youth and persons living with disabilities will now have access to training opportunities in the areas of apiculture, hydroponics, and solar drying,” the government noted.

    Additionally, it said, “The training is expected to enhance the employment prospects of these persons to earn incomes sustainably and independently.

    “A total of 63 individuals are currently benefitting from the initiative, including 39 women and 24 men, of which 37 are people living with disabilities and 31 are youth.”

    The detrimental effects of natural disasters, in part, spurred the action to launch this project, according to the government.

    It highlighted that the new strategy is to provide marginalized workers, including women, youth and disabled people, “by providing them with new skill sets and employment options”.

    “The government of Grenada is receiving USD$300,000 in technical and financial support to advance the implementation of all these actions, which are expected to improve the climate and disaster resilience of persons living with disabilities, women, and youth in Grenada,” a government statement noted.

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