New beach club promises hundreds of jobs for Bahamians

New Royal Caribbean project set to launch next year

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Hundreds of direct tourism and hospitality jobs in The Bahamas, and dozens more indirect jobs, are the boasted benefits of a brand new beach club Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is set to open next year.

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Royal Caribbean said it wants to help The Bahamas' tourism sector grow.

Befitting its name, Royal Caribbean is no stranger to the region, and has long provided thousands of jobs to workers not just in The Bahamas but throughout the Caribbean over the years.

This new venture, the Royal Beach Club, will continue to pave the way for hospitality and tourism workers, tour operators, creatives, vendors and more to take advantage of new job opportunities.

In announcing the new venture, Royal Caribbean acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic stunted the tourism industry, including this project, which had been in the works from 2020.

“It may have taken longer than originally planned,” the major cruiseliner said, “but Royal Caribbean is moving forward with opening the exclusive area in 2025.

“The Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island will be the first Royal Beach Club, and it promises to be a compelling new option for cruise ship guests visiting Nassau, Bahamas.

“Royal Caribbean had originally announced the beach club project in March 2020, but the cruise industry shutdown shortly thereafter left the venture in limbo.”

But all that’s about to change now that global tourism has resumed as of last year and cruising is getting back in full swing.

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    The venture will create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in hospitality, tourism, food & beverage, and more.

    Royal Caribbean has promised to include Bahamians at all levels of its enterprise, paving the way for reliable jobs as well as investment opportunities.

    It said the experiences provided at Royal Beach Club will “feature Bahamian fare, island-style barbecues, live music and local artisans”, hinting at the variety of employment opportunities for Bahamian chefs, musicians, artists, vendors and more.

    The group added, “Royal Caribbean is designing this beach club as a public-private partnership in which Bahamians can own up to 49 percent equity in the beach club.”

    It explained that as part of the beach club will actually be on government-owned land, that portion “will be contributed as equity…to ensure a share of the profits return to the government and the people in a first-of-its-kind agreement in The Bahamas”.

    “Local businesses and entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to manage the vast majority of the experience,” Royal Caribbean said.

    “The cruise line expects the beach club will generate hundreds of jobs between the construction and long-term operation.

    “This, in addition to a new tourism levy, will go into reinvesting in the local community.

    “The collaboration between the government, the community and Royal Caribbean will continue as the development moves through the stages of planning and completion.”

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