Guyana empowering women to join oil and gas industry

President Ali commits to ensuring 500 women are trained and qualified to be employed

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — As countries worldwide celebrate Women’s History Month, Guyana’s government is gearing up to train some 500 women to become a part of its lucrative energy sector.

Guyana’s oil and gas sector has been famously successful.

Its dramatic economic gains in this industry have been emphasized especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where most of its fellow Caribbean nations saw economic downturns as tourism came to a screeching halt.

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Guyana's oil and gas industry has been booming.

But, thanks to its booming oil sector, Guyana not only stayed afloat during the pandemic but its economy actually grew to the point that international experts estimate the country will need several hundred thousand more workers to keep up with the pace of its growth.

By enabling more women to join this sector, Guyana’s government will make significant strides in encouraging women’s empowerment.

This is especially the case as, globally, women’s participation in the workforce has been shown to have dropped since the pandemic began.

Even further, industries like oil, gas, and renewable energy have been dominated by men up until this point.

There have been calls on a global scale for more women to be empowered to join these developing sectors, which are largely expected to continue growing dramatically over the coming years.

Guyana previously made strides in empowering more women to join the sector when it issued 100 scholarships to Indigenous women for this very purpose early last year.

Now, this new initiative will take those efforts even further.

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    Employment through skills training

    jobs in Guyana

    Guyana has already begun empowering women to join the oil, gas and energy sectors.

    According to a statement from the government, the Ali administration “is currently in talks with several big companies in the energy sector to train some 500 Guyanese women to operate heavy-duty machines in the mining and oil and gas sectors.”

    “The administration will continue to work and provide the necessary resources to lessen the burdens on the nation’s women,” it pledged.

    That statement was backed by President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, who personally committed to ensuring more women are adequately skilled and qualified to join the oil and gas sector.

    Speaking to a large crowd of women gathered for an International Women’s Day event, the president said, “The government is going to invest in ensuring that you are certified.

    “We are going to partner with the private sector so [that] you move smoothly from certification to employment.

    “These are the commitments that I’m making to you.”

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