More part-time jobs in Guyana opened thanks to govt. employment initiative

With addition of 3,000 more part-time jobs in Guyana, Ali administration would have now introduced some 9,000 jobs for residents 

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — In a continuation of its mission to create thousands of jobs in Guyana, the Ali administration has now rolled out its part-time work initiative to Region Three and Region Five.

Over the past several months, the government has rolled out the part-time jobs in phases over several regions.

govt. launches part-time jobs in Guyana

Guyanese Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo has largely been the government representative on the ground as some 9,000 part-time jobs have been rolled out across Guyana over the past several months.

So far, Regions Two, Six and Ten have all seen their share of part-time jobs launched for local residents.

In this latest batch of jobs, some 3,000 jobs have been created for Guyanese in Regions Five and Three.

Two thousand residents of Region Three have been hired for these part-time jobs, while another one thousand have been hired in Region Five.

According to the government, an estimated 9,000 Guyanese people have now been employed since the initiative began.

Additionally, the government said, “This represents a $360 million investment by the government.”

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo has largely been the government representative on the ground as these jobs were rolled out across Guyana.

He emphasized, “The only qualification for this job is being Guyanese.”

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    “Comprehensive” plan to introduce jobs in Guyana 

    govt. launches part-time jobs in Guyana

    Residents of Guyana’s Region Three and Five have become the latest to be hired for thousands of part-time jobs being arranged through the government.

    While some critics have accused the part-time jobs initiative as being a political scheme that will not help Guyana’s economy, the government has urged residents to ignore naysayers.

    It maintains that its efforts are simply part of its manifesto to secure jobs for Guyanese citizens.

    In a statement, the government noted that “some 100,000 jobs would now have to be created as the administration works on a comprehensive plan”.

    It noted, “This is in keeping with the PPP/C Administration’s commitment to subsidise household income, in the light of the rising cost of living, as well as its manifesto promise of creating employment for Guyanese across the country.”

    Under this programme, residents are able to work for some 10 days each month in select government agencies and ministries.

    They will also be able to earn up to $40,000 in these roles.

    However, the jobs are restricted to only one person per household in an effort to “ensure a wide cross-section of benefits”.

    Further, Vice President Jagdeo has sought to assure Guyanese residents that “the jobs are not temporary but part-time and would run for more than a year”.

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