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Guyanese govt. to roll out 2K more jobs

Govt. has hired more than 9,000 Guyanese under part-time jobs programme  GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — The government is expected to add another 2,000 part-time jobs to its impressive roster of new hires in the coming months. These new jobs will be rolled out in Region Nine as part of the government’s ongoing part-time jobs initiative, which…
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More part-time jobs in Guyana opened thanks to govt. employment initiative

With addition of 3,000 more part-time jobs in Guyana, Ali administration would have now introduced some 9,000 jobs for residents  GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — In a continuation of its mission to create thousands of jobs in Guyana, the Ali administration has now rolled out its part-time work initiative to Region Three and Region Five. Over the…
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Ali administration leads way in creating thousands of jobs in Guyana

Guyana’s government continues to pursue ‘aggressive’ approach to ensuring citizens are gainfully employed  [caption id="attachment_3566" align="alignright" width="300"] The government of Guyana is following through on a promise to create 50,000 jobs for its citizens.[/caption] GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — The Ali administration is leading the way when it comes to producing jobs in Guyana, steamrolling ahead in…
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