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Saba adjusts salary of two groups of civil servants’ due to rising inflation

Group of civil servants found to be earning less than monthly amount needed to cover cost of living  THE BOTTOM, SABA — In a groundbreaking move, the government of Saba has agreed to a salary adjustment for a few dozen workers whose monthly pay was not enough to cover their basic costs of living. This…
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Is the Caribbean moving towards a trend of raising the minimum wage?

Bermuda, Jamaica, Guyana, Anguilla, The Bahamas among Caribbean nations to either implement or suggest minimum wage changes to come  HAMILTON, BERMUDA — There could be a “minimum wage fever” on the horizon in the Caribbean region as, in just the past few months alone, several of the region’s governments have either suggested or outright stated…
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Labour minister says Jamaica’s minimum wage is not a livable wage

Samuda assures govt. is constantly working to improve wages of Jamaican workers  KINGSTON, JAMAICA — The national minimum wage, which will be officially raised as of this April, should not be interpreted as a livable wage, and employers who can pay their employees more should make every effort to do so, asserted Minister of Labour…
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